They spread images of Chyno Miranda in a rehabilitation clinic in Venezuela

July 20, 2022, 2:33 PM

July 20, 2022, 2:33 PM

After months of speculation and scares about the singer’s state of health chyno, the show Gossip No Like released new images that show it out of danger.

The program that is broadcast on YouTube discovered that the Venezuelan, from 37 years, is hospitalized in a public rehab clinic his country. What is striking and mentioned by the media is that it is not a place specialized in the neurological problems that had Chyno bedridden, but one for drug and alcohol addictions.

Chyno Miranda was caught through a camera, apparently hidden, eating alone in the dining room clinic Aunt Panchita, in Caracas. In other shots, he is seen training in a small gym and celebrating his birthday in a very simple way.

“It made me sad, I saw him shine on stage. When you see him alone in that room, it broke my soul,” said Javier Ceriani, the presenter of the program.

The former member of duo Chyno and Nacho he has been dealing with for several months a series of complications that put in risk his life.

In September of last year, the musician announced his retirement from the stage due to a neurological condition and shortly after he was infected with Covid-19.

Upon defeating the virus and as a result of it, Chyno Miranda was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and later encephalitis. The last thing that was known is that it was difficult for him to walk and even talk.

However, the latest images already show him on his feet, although his fans still cannot celebrate with so many unknowns in between.