They throw cell phones at a Santa Fe Klan concert and their reaction goes viral

Santa Fe Klan called back the social media care because of the way he reacted when fans at one of his performances They started throwing their cell phones at the stage.

During his concerts, the 22-year-old rapper usually has a great interaction with his followers, but on this occasion it seems that this was going to go too far. In any case, users on social networks were surprised at how well he knew how to handle the situation as of what honest which keeps up with your answers.

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Cell phones invade the rapper’s stage

Within the material shared on networks like TikTok you can see Santa Fe Klan share a moment with the public after a song, this after noticing that there are several cell phones on stage.

Therefore, he asks for a moment to warn the audience that he would not be responsible for the devices, so he would leave them where he found them so that their owners could pick them up at the end of their show.

“How are we going to get him back his cell phone?” Ángel Jair Quezada, the rapper’s real name, asks the audience. “Look, the net we do not steal. I’m going to grab the cell phones and I’m going to leave them where I grabbed them and everyone is going to come and get his cell phone. Nobody misses the point.”

After his message to the public, you can see how a cell phone is about to hit him in the head. The Santa Fe Klan pays no attention to this and remains calm so he takes the phone that has just been thrown at him to start recording with it.

“I am going to record of those that I can,” says the rapper after taking the cell phone and in which you can see that the camera is already activated. At the same time, you can see his security team pick up at least five cell phones and go for more on stage.

The video with the moment is already close to two million views and was shared by the account Satafeklan.473music on TikTokone that is responsible for supporting the rapper and that already has about four million followers.

Users celebrate the great attitude of the Santa Fe Klan

The reason cell phones are thrown onstage during concerts by Santa Fe Klan is due to his habit of taking the devices of fans who are nearby in his presentations to record small fragments while singing Or from your perspective.

Having a video of these has become a wish of many of the followers, but this has advanced to the point of throw the phone on stage so he gets a chance to be taken by the rapper though it is not very clear if people manage to recover their device.

That is one of the main doubts in social networks after the video went viral, although the most celebrated the rapper’s great attitudein addition to many jokes for the use of phrases such as “we do not steal.”

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“The most concerned, how are you going to return the cell phones instead of getting angry, beautiful Angel,” wrote user Patty Pulido. “Wey, don’t worry about them throwing cell phones, Angel, you’re great,” commented user Adrián ZM.

The jokes between users did not fail to say how destroyed their phones would end up if they decided to throw it on stage. With his great attitude as music with which many identify, Santa Fe Klan He does not stop gaining followers and having full in each of his presentations.

Text originally published in El Sol de Puebla