They try to throw liquid at Bad Bunny due to the latest controversies

It seems that 2023 has not started in a good way for the Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny, who has been criticized by millions of fans around the world. after his rude act of throwing away the cell phone of a fan who wanted to take a picture with him on the street.

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As if that were not enough, the Puerto Rican returned to replicate the controversial gesture and in a nightclub in the Dominican Republic he was also irritated to see so many phones recording him and opted to take two of them and throw them into the crowd.

Of course, these gestures have caused a furor in international media and digital platforms, where many do not forgive his behavior, assuring that fame went to his head and that he forgot that thanks to his fans he is where he is. Of course another minority continues to come out in his defense.

So much has been the discontent of those who were loyal fans at the time, that a few hours ago a video went viral in which the bad rabbit was surprised by a person who tried to throw a strange liquid on him while he was at a private party.

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Although luckily it was not a dangerous substance, the Puerto Rican was very shocked to see the reactions that fans were having with him, who went from going over to get his attention to practically attacking him for his presence. After the viral clip, the comments did not wait either. The video shows the singer’s anger after throwing the liquid, however the recording is cut without being able to fully see his reaction.