They uncover the truth of the alleged sale of Bad Bunny’s Bugatti

Puerto Rico.- Since the singer bad bunny decided to put up an ad for the sale of his Bugatti Chiron 110 of the year 2019 to 3.5 million dollars, on the famous sales site with a presence throughout Puerto, aroused curiosity among his followers as to why he should do it.

Said classified aroused a stir among the millions of followers that the Puerto Rican has on his social networks, since it is a site where citizens publish their photos to sell houses or cars, but with a certain purchasing power, not the luxuries that the Bugatti could represent. BadBunny.

“For sale Bugatti Chiron 110 anniversary ready (ready) for transfer”, begins the suspicious message next to the snapshot of the vehicle and in the name of Benito A. Martínez Ocasio, real name of the Bad Bunny singer.

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An advertisement that puts the famous Bugatti Chiron for sale. Photo: Twitter.

This presumed offer from the reggaeton player, on a Puerto Rico portal where there are photos of residences and vehicles for sale or rent, quickly became a trend and fans discovered the secret intentions of the “Bad Rabbit”.

An email and a telephone number appear in the sale announcement for those interested in acquiring the luxurious car to call; but curiously he warns that he only negotiates through telephone calls.

However, when dialing the number (787-417-8605), the advance of the unreleased song by bad bunnyaccording to the EFE agency.

It follows that this song will be included in his next album that Bad Bunny is already preparing.

Hundreds of followers that the interpreter has on social networks have already commented on the strategy that said ad has.

While some feel cheated, other fans have expressed their anticipation for the eventual release of this new song.

Original artist strategy to promote a song. Photo: Twitter.

Bad Bunny presented the Bugatti at various times, including in the last installment of latin grammysin addition to the fact that last December he did it in the Museum P FKN Rat the Roberto Clemente Coliseum in San Juan, where he exhibited his music awards and the costumes he has used in videos and concerts.

The announcement details that the vehicle does not have pending traffic fines and that the “marbete” (official driver’s stamp of a vehicle) and maintenance are up to date.

In addition to being the most listened to artist in the world, bad bunny it also stands out for its originality when it comes to promoting its music.

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