They want to suck Ashton Avenue’s “popsicle” and the “ball” they tell her when they see her eager

The model Ashton Avenue showed its beauty in bikini girl, share photo on instagram where she shows how beautiful she looks when posing with an orange outfit, the woman stole sighs, once her The public looks at her so pretty and so flirtatious eating a popsicle.

They look so sexy that her followers quickly write her a series of messages of all kinds, in order to show her the emotions that make her feel, but the beautiful woman stole the heart of those who are ready to see what you share on the networks.

Some of the reactions are very daring, as they look at her eating popsicle and say “I want to suck your lollipop”others go straight with their comments and tell him that they want to kiss and bite him Another little thing”. She looks so pretty that she beats her for being sexier than Fátima Segovia.

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The model reveals how pretty she looks in a blue bikini. Photo: Instagram

The model left how good she looks with That orange piece that defined her figure very well, you can see everything bulky, both above as belowand his fans did not hesitate to tell him that, that shows all its charm.

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Ashton Avenue eats a paleta and gets endless comments. Photo: Instagram

Some of the reactions of his followers are the following: “My God, how delicious”, “You look beautiful”, “Looking beautiful”, “So beautiful”.

Ashton Avenue reveals her pompoms in a white bikini. Photo: Instagram

The model apparently had closed her Instagram account momentarily, since she had not uploaded photos, and when she saw her enter the networks again, her followers celebrate and call her my queen we already missed you.

Well, the pleasure of seeing her again was so great that her thousands of followers published a series of hearts, flames and kisses in joy to see her photos again.

But with the photo that her followers share today, they are pleased, once they see her pose in the green area of ​​a place, eagerly sucking on a popsicle, while posing in her one-piece bikini.

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