They wanted to destroy them, but they have been together for a year

The presenter and former Venezuelan beauty queen Marie Claire Harp He managed to tame one of the most sought-after singles in the Mexican show: Jose Manuel Figueroa. Last year, Marie Claire not only found the opportunity to fulfill her professional dreams in this country, but also met a man who treats her like a queen and even makes her think of a wedding.

Joan Sebastian’s son is at her feet, but she is not far behind now that they celebrated their first wedding anniversary, since she ended up surprising him with a romantic encounter that Marie Claire herself details in this interview.

You surprised José Manuel with a dinner, how did you do it? It was a very sensitive day for me because I said goodbye to The stars dance in Today due to the injuries I have, and it coincided with our anniversary, so he thought that I was not going to want to do anything. But when he woke up he put a cupcake with a candle from the first year together and a balloon. Then I booked in a company that is in charge of making experiences and I asked them for help for a romantic dinner. I decided on a tent in which a movie is projected in the background, wood-fired pizza is made and everything turned out very nice, because there were very comfortable seats so that I could have my leg stretched out. At the end I gave him a poem that the organizers wrote on parchment; he loved it, because in addition, there were even fireworks.

This first year with him, how do you sum it up? With a word that is fashionable: resilience. Because it has been a year in which we have shown each other that in the worst moments we are together, and I believe that this should be the basis of any relationship, because it is not only being in the beautiful, in the good moments, but realizing that we have an extremely strong relationship, that despite speculation, obstacles, negative intentions of many people who have wanted to harm us, love has always been victorious.

What does he give you as a man? He gives me, apart from unconditional love, a lot of security, protection, trust; he makes me believe in dreams that I don’t even believe can come true. José Manuel praises the abilities that I believe are not abilities, and he is a person who is always looking for a way for me to trust myself more and express more of what I have.

What did José Manuel give you in this celebration? (Laughter.). He tells me that my gift is supposed to arrive today (Friday), let’s see what it is. You see how men are; he is very detailed, but in these types of situations he loses control. I don’t know what gift it will be, but hopefully it will be a very nice song, I would like that.

He told us that he plans to take you to the ranch for a few days to rest from your injury… Yes, I think we are going to spend this week in Cuernavaca, where everything is calmer, there is no stress in Mexico City. I’ll see if I take my mom and my dogs, I’m going to recover so I can be in Bandamax as soon as possible.

He also says that he loves your arepas… (Laughter.) He’s obsessed with some arepas that I make him fried with a little hole in the middle. I put butter, cheese and meat on him, he loves that, and whenever he can he asks me to make him an arepita because he doesn’t cook anything.

According to him, you have a very strong character, and since he is also like that, that makes you balance the relationship… I think he is a person that you have to know how to decipher. I have realized that the most absurd fights usually happen when the two people are upset, and what has worked here is that when José Manuel is upset, I cannot be, and vice versa. So we get a balance, because we both have very explosive personalities. The good thing is that we lead such a calm and peaceful life that we do not see that other side of ourselves. But when it happens, we have a code that doesn’t allow us to be fighting at the same time.

How is your situation in The Stars Dance in Today? I won’t be able to go to the playoffs, but I don’t rule out being in the Champion of Champions special edition which, as I understand it, will take place in October. The truth is that I felt like a superstar during my farewell on the show, they treated me like a queen, and it hurts me not to be able to continue this season. They know they’re counting on me, but it’s time to recover; I have sprains, very strong injuries and I need extreme rest. The doctor told me that in a month I can be at a hundred, for this I must undergo therapies that help me to better mobilize my leg and foot.