They will film in León ‘Vertical’, a horror, action and adventure film

Leon, Guanajuato.- Inspired by the mythology of H. P. Lovecraftthe director of Iranian origin Maryam Pirband and the writer Rubén Arnaiz will begin filming this weekend in Lion the movie scenes “Vertical”.

The action, adventure and horror film will be filmed in a natural environment, also with the aim of promoting Mexico and especially the state of Guanajuatoa place that they define as “emblematic and touristic, where we can also start a long-term project for filming movies,” reads a message posted on the film’s Instagram page.

‘Vertical’ is inspired by the mythology of writer HP Lovecraft. Photo: Instagram

Santo, Rita and Charly are the protagonists of “Vertical”, which will begin recording this Friday, May 20, in the streets of the city of León, but will also have locations in El Peñón, Sierra de Lobos and San Miguel de Allende.

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Andrew Dasz, producer and actor of “Vertical”, told a meeting with the media that this will be a tough movie to shoot.

“All viewers, when they see the actors, they will feel hot, tired, they will see dangerous scenes and León has all that,” he revealed.

“I visited Guanajuato and then León, and I realized that the best location for this film was León and not Guanajuato (capital) for a question of ‘feeling’, for a question of the theme of the film, it is an action film of horror and Guanajuato seemed to me to be a slightly softer movie,” explained Dasz.

Valentin Trujillo Jr., Reza Moussavy, Fernando Poumian, Carolina Segura, Andrew Dasz, Steven Dasz, Alberto López, Ulises Rocha and Leslie Scarlett will participate in the film that will combine Guanajuato talent with foreign talent.

The ‘Vertical’ team is ready to start filming this weekend in León. Photo: Instagram

The creators of “Vertical” announced that the premiere of the film would not only be in Latin American countries and Spain, but also in the United States.

According to IMDB, a site specializing in cinema, this is the plot of “Vertical”: Rita is the daughter of an ancestral blood-bearing family with extraordinary abilities. Every 100 years they need to sacrifice themselves to protect the people. Her destiny takes her to vertical rocky mountains where monsters live.

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