Thierry Beccaro confides in this day when his whole life was turned upside down…

For decades, Thierry Beccaro had fun in Motus. When he talks about his journey, we feel so sorry for him. We tell you everything!

Thierry Beccaro on the verge of discomfort!

Four years ago, Thierry Beccaro broke the silence. By completely indulging in a book, we discover the gray areas of the mythical host of France 2. Behind his magnificent smile and his sparkling eyes, he hides a terrible pain. Unconscionable, he goes on filming as if to avoid thinking about all that. We know it today, his shattering arguments with his parent traumatized him to the depths of his soul. Fortunately for him, he made great encounters that propelled him to the top.

After three decades of good and loyal service to Motus, he is bowing out at the start of the 2019 school year. His admirers can be reassured, he will always be there for them. And the converse is true! Is the loop closed? Not quite. Before closing it, he wants to tell us about this chilling episode!

Thierry Becarro facing the demons of his past

In his second book, Thierry Beccaro’s tone is much calmer. Like what, after years of psychoanalysis and conferences of which he is the instigator, he managed to make his way. As proof, thanks to all the words used in My own resilience, we discover a facet of him that we did not even suspect. Asked about many topics in the podcast parents first of our friends from Tele-Leisure, he will make a second sensational revelation. Contrary to what one might think, it was not his first day on television that changed the course of his life.

Thierry Beccaro has three children, Pauline, Clara and Luca. Seventeen years separate the oldest and the youngest. However, when his ex-wife, Emmanuelle told him that she was expecting a happy event, he did not believe his ears. Upset, fear is as present as joy. Everything is mixed up in his tormented mind. Always on a wire because of his past, he wondered how to go there to be able to manage this responsibility. Raising a child is not a trivial matter, especially when the values ​​transmitted are imbued with tears and anger. And yes, at the time, he still had many flashes v ** slow of his own parent who handicap the slightest of his gestures.

Thierry Beccaro makes a decision with serious consequences

Thierry Becarro does not go there with the back of the spoon. This first pregnancy was a tsunami, really, as if the earth was opening up under my feet. » Fragile, clichés follow one another in her mind. “I thought that having a child was necessarily reproducing what I had experienced. » A paradox settles in his heart. Aware that it is approaching its thirtieth candle, it is lucid. He still has progress to make on his general condition. This “big devastated boy” par multiple traumatic episodes will have to » continue to look good“. Apart from his sister who was a witness, no one knew of his ordeal. Why did he hide from his own wife, the mother of his children, these secrets that only cry inside?

Moved, Thierry Becarro finally names this fear that lived in him and that he could not exteriorize. “Eto be a dad who would beat his children. » He begs the stork to give him a girl. As confusing as it may seem, her father never took it out on her youngest. In her mind, having a princess is before the ” candy“. All the more reason not to sink head first. Almost forty years after the events, the facts are clear. ” I never raised a hand on my children. » Anxious to share his experience, and the way in which he drew a line under his anxieties, he testifies to people in the same situation. This time, he’s really done with it all! The past can wait, life begins now!

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