Thierry Lhermitte facing burnout, he explains how he got out of it



He had never talked about it, but Thierry Lhermitte suffered a burnout a few years ago. Now recovered, he explains what helped him get through it.

On May 25, Thierry Lhermitte will be back at the cinema in the comedy “Men on the verge of a nervous breakdown”, directed by Audrey Dana. On a promotional tour, the actor was a guest on the show “We redo the TV on RTL, Saturday May 21. During his visit, the 69-year-old actor confided in particular on the burnout he faced some time ago.

Without going into details, the actor explained that it had happened to him “not so long ago”, when he was on tour. “I couldn’t anymore, I was going crazy. It’s been better since then, he said. I took the right meds, talked to the right people and it calmed down. Above all, I found the right medicine and it was very fast. The effect was clear and distinct, within days.” As for understanding where this depression came from, Thierry Lhermitte believes that it was caused by an accumulation. “It’s the drop that breaks the camel’s back, so there were plenty of drops before, then one day it overflows,” added Astrée’s father, Victor and Louise (47, 43 and 29 years old).

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Fortunately, this slump did not demotivate the Splendid star, who says he has not lost the desire to play. In recent years, Thierry Lhermitte has even multiplied projects in the cinema, with the films “Happy retirement!”, “Mystery in Saint-Tropez” or even “So we dance”, released earlier this year. The actor remains in comedy with “Men on the verge of a nervous breakdown”, a film for which he shares the poster with Ramzy Bedia, François-Xavier Demaison, Laurent Stocker, Pascal Demolon or even Michaël Grégorio. In theaters May 25.