Thierry Lhermitte touching and romantic, he gives THE secret of a marriage that lasts

Saturday May 14, 2022, Thierry Lhermitte was invited to the show 50 ‘Inside, on TF1. Married for more than forty years, the actor revealed to Nikos Aliagas the secret of a marriage that lasts.

A fun theory… Since the mid-1970s, Thierry Lhermitte shares the life of Hélène, with whom he had three children: Astrée (47 years old), Victor (43 years old) and Louise (29 years old). On the set of 50 ‘Inside, Nikos Aliagas wanted to know the secret of his couple. “You’ve been married to the same woman for 40 years. Is there a secret?“, he asked. At first, the actor assured: “There is no secret. Me, it seems to me that it is to know that love is not unconditional. Love is conditional.” Facing the host, Thierry Lhermitte said: “Me, it’s my theory on love. I explain to you. When one is small, one only knows the love of one’s parents. As a rule, it’s called unconditional love. Alright, so we learn in our first love stories that love isn’t unconditional, that love is very conditional. So it’s negotiable and it’s temporary.

With a smile on his face, the actor slipped: “Temporary that can last a lifetime, but it can stop all the time. So it seems to me that when you understand that it was conditional and temporary, you can live with it.“In June 2016, it was in the columns of Current wife that Thierry Lhermitte had evoked his vision of love. “As you grow up, you realize that you have to move from the unconditional love of your parents to negotiated love. Like everyone else, I made this discovery in pain. I have lived with my wife for forty years. It takes kindness and respect, knowing that it can stop at any moment. Some can’t have a relationship without thinking it will be for life, to others it feels like being in prison. I’m in between“, he assured.

Thierry Lhermitte: “I remain the man of one woman: mine”

In 2016, in an interview with Gala, Thierry Lhermitte revealed:Maybe that’s the secret of longevity in a relationship: thinking that it could end tomorrow… That she can get away with it better than me… In a couple, in addition to seduction, which is necessary, there must also be this feeling of insecurity. It’s good.” For Paris Matchhe added:I was and remain the man of only one woman: mine. I’m still in love with her, and my family has been the source of my stability in this profession where there are so few.


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