Thierry Lhermitte: why his career almost came to a halt at the height of his popularity

Saturday May 14, 2022, Thierry Lhermitte was invited to the show 50 ‘Inside, on TF1. Faced with Nikos Aliagas, the actor revealed the reason why his career could have been stopped dead a few years earlier.

The actor wanted to take off… In full success, Thierry Lhermitte left the film sets in 1987, and this for a year, in order to go around the world on a sailboat with his wife, Hélène, and their children. guest in 50′ insideon TF1, it was while viewing images of this trip that the actor dropped: “That’s good memories! My dream was to go on a boat trip with my family for at least a year.“While Nikos Aliagas asked him if he was not afraid that the fans would forget him, Thierry Lhermitte explained:”No, because living my dream was more important than a career. I’m a reasonable boy, but if I hadn’t been, I would have continued… It was all I dreamed of.“Assuring that he could have done without fame and cinema, the actor slipped:”They had lent me the boat, I had commitments to return, but frankly, we were very sad to return.

In 2016, the actor had already mentioned this extraordinary journey in the show There is only one life in lifeon European 1. “I felt like I had the financial means to stop working for a year. And on a boat, you don’t spend a lot. It was the first time in my wife’s life that she spent nothing for three weeks.“, he remembered. Explaining why he had decided to leave, the star had dropped: “As soon as I had the opportunity to live this dream, I did it. I had a little trigger which was the death of my wife’s father, who waited for retirement all his life and who had cancer which took him away after a year or two of retirement.” Assuring that he had not been in a hurry to return to Paris, Thierry Lhermitte had already declared: “We were very sad to come back. If I hadn’t been reasonable, I would have stolen the boat and left without giving any news.”

Thierry Lhermitte is a successful actor

Following this sabbatical year, the actor did not miss proposals in the cinema. Upon his return, he indeed played in discount sofa, ripoux against ripouxbut also, Father’s day. Later, it was in 1994 that Thierry Lhermitte gave the reply to Ludwig Briand in the film An Indian in the city. Since then, the actor has played in several films a year and will soon be appearing in happy retirement 2 !


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