Thierry Moreau reveals his colossal salary as a columnist

TPMP had in his team a brand columnist between 2010 and 2017. Indeed, Thierry Moreau was not just any speaker since he was not only a journalist, he was also editor-in-chief of TV 7 Days. So his word had weight and his presence had value. Guest on the show At Jordan’s this Sunday, March 13, Thierry Moreau returned to this period of his life and his career. His work at TPMP these are great memories for him. But Jordan De Luxe never forgets to try to find out the salaries of his prestigious guests. And unlike many of his fellow journalists, he succeeds. Thus, this former columnist of Do not touch My TV also admits that C8 paid him graciously. Objeko tell you everything! Starting with the final departure of Thierry Moreau in full live.

Thierry Moreau looks back on his career with TPMP

In 2017, the one who was one of the pillar columnists of Do not touch My TV therefore definitively left the show in full live. Without tears and without scandal, he nevertheless took the public by surprise. Even his colleagues and Cyril Hanouna in person did not know that he was going to leave the ship. Following his announcement, some imagined that it could be a joke of the teams. But it was indeed true, Thierry Moreau said goodbye to a program which was his daily life for seven years.

“Tonight is my last show. I’ve been there since the beginning, I had absolutely brilliant days. Today is the time to stop. Nobody knew about the team but I had planned to go live one night this week. So it will be this evening since you are giving me the opportunity. I am going to leave and I thank you for all the happiness you have given me. »declared Thierry Moreau, on the set of TPMP, the day of his departure. And with Jordan De Luxe, he remembers this part of his career.

With our colleagues from Tele-Leisurereaders ofObjeko will be able to find the entire interview of the former columnist of TPMP. An interview dated Sunday March 13, 2022. But above all an interview during which he revealed the salary he received at C8 as well as the one he currently receives as a journalist on RMC Story, in the show Estelle Noon.

“When I left Touche pas à mon poste, casually I deprived myself of almost half of my income overnight, since we were paid on the show. I was paid 380 euros net per show. »he confessed to Jordan De Luxe.

A comfortable salary that he does not regret

Including his salary at TPMP and his salary as editor of TV 7 Days, Jordan De Luxe and Thierry Moreau arrive at impressive sums. Indeed, between 2010 and 2017, the journalist having to earn a little more than “just over 8000 euros” per month. But turning his back on such a sum did not prevent the former columnist from TPMP to pop the champagne with his children. In any case, this is what he indicates in his interview for At Jordan’s.

Well, that’s his salary on the show Estelle Noon, on RMC Story which sifted through questions from Jordan De Luxe. And the one who surprised his teams to leave the set of TPMP in full live is once again transparent.

“I am paid by invoice. I am paid 400 euros per show. On invoice, it is necessary to divide by two. I am not ashamed. I know it’s a lot of money, I have no problem with that. I have earned my living well, I earn much less well my living. »he then confesses to Tele-Leisure. Objeko grant you, it’s still a very good salary from which Thierry Moreau benefits despite his departure from TPMP. And this is therefore likely to make fans of the C8 program who were so sad to see him go, as well as those who were delighted…