This bad news for all Netflix subscribers could have serious long-term consequences

At the moment, it’s a bit of a grimace soup at Netflix. The number of subscribers is falling (there are still more than 220 million worldwide), employees will not be happy with their lot and other platforms like Disney+ and Apple TV+ are on the rise. In addition, from October 2022, advertising could arrive on netflix which would change the daily life of subscribers. Who might have to suffer from advertisements if they want to pay less for their subscription. But they still need to have content to watch. And there again, the rub begins to hurt.

Like the surprise stoppage of the French series Funny, other series are stopped, films are canceled and content disappears every month like the Marvel series which are only wanted to be visible on Disney+. Our colleagues from Lemon Squeezer also indicate that since 2015, the number of films available on Netflix has dropped by 35%: 4,751 feature films in 2015 compared to 3,015 today. And there were about 7,000 a few years earlier. There is therefore less content available to subscribers. Will the trend last? This could be the case since the films that Netflix produces often have good ratings, such as Red Notice Where Don’t Look Up! for example. This should push the decision makers of the streaming platform to invest in home movies rather than buying rights to third-party productions. Not sure that this is good news for subscribers who certainly love home productions, otherwise they wouldn’t subscribe, but are never against finding old films, cult or not, that give them a good TV night. Will they at some point show their dissatisfaction to Netflix by losing interest in the services of the American platform? When we see the recent news of the red N giant, everything seems possible…


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