this bomb dropped on his conditions imposed for his return to the Rock

For a year, the attitude of Charlene of Monaco has been wreaking havoc on the Rock. After fleeing his obligations, is his return ephemeral?

Charlene of Monaco under fire from critics

Every week, rumors follow one another about Charlene of Monaco. After more than a year of absence from official ceremonies, she is trying to put on a good face. But will it succeed in convincing those who admired him in the past? Obviously, the more time passes, the more the wife of Albert II would find it difficult to support the protocol in view of her status as a princess. His tiny appearance at the Monaco Grand Prix is ​​a delayed b*mbe. Without further ado, Objeko gives a brief summary of the grievances heard or read against him. Especially since the news that has just fallen is not going to help his business at all. On the contrary, it risks overflowing the vase already full to the brim. Come on, let’s go, we tell you everything!

Charlène of Monaco dots the I’s

When she learns that the King of the Zulu is no longer in this world, Charlène of Monaco has a bleeding heart. In fact, part of his soul is still in South Africa. By agreeing to unite with the most coveted bachelor on the planet, she must draw a line under her roots. Despite everything, she tries to keep smiling.

An air of deja vu?

To some extent, Objeko has a moved thought for his late mother-in-law Grace Kelly. By marrying Rainier III, she too had to give up many things. So, maybe the African tragedy is the sign she was waiting for to take a little distance from the Rock? Still, his simple official stay turns into a planetary controversy. All in all, the mother of Jacques and Gabrielle will stay there for nine months. The communication department of the Palace tries to justify this extension by the appearance of an ENT disease. Suffering martyrdom, Charlene of Monaco would have been unable to travel by plane until the end of the year. Even today, not sure that we shed all the light on what happened on the spot.

For his part, Prince Albert II is trying to temporize the situation. As soon as possible, he organizes videoconference sessions between the children and the mother. During the pandemic, we have learned to communicate in this way to protect our loved ones. However, it will never feel like the softness of a hug. In the columns of People, he bangs his fist on the table. Tired of hearing horrible hallway noises about Charlene of Monaco, the sovereign dismisses all negative leads. Also, this extract from his speech has become legendary. ” Let me be clear: this is not about Covid. It’s also not related to cancer. It’s not about a relationship problem either. And while we’re at it, I’m also saying it: it has nothing to do with cosmetic surgery“.

The final straw for Monegasques?

No sooner has she set foot on the tarmac at Le Rocher than Charlène of Monaco embarks on another opinion. While we had all bet on a return to fanfare during the national holiday, it will not be. As proof, it is Princess Stephanie who agrees to appear on the balcony. Despite the mask, we feel the sadness and fatigue in the eyes of those around us. After a few hours of suspense, we are confirmed to be hospitalized in Switzerland. In this article, Objeko had succeeded in obtaining the pharaonic cost of this luxurious cure. Promise us you’ll hang on to your seat and buckle up. You are bound to fall over! Absent during the anniversaries of these two marvels and also during the end-of-year celebrations, the press service of Le Rocher makes us wait by letting us understand that 2022 will be the year of rebirth!

After a few nights in the Grimaldi country house, Charlène de Monaco is finally back with her family. However, according to our colleagues from Here isshe would have negotiated her return at a price thanks to “a highly confidential contract »! Inside the latter, there would be many conditions for her to agree to show herself in this ” lion’s den“. By signing, he would agree to pay him ” 12 million euros per year“. In exchange for which, she submits to a few handpicked events. Objeko thinking in particular of sports competitions sponsored by his foundation or the famous rose ball. Unable to roam around the palace like she did in her old life, she is said to have unearthed a home in Switzerland as well. If everything we have just told you is concrete, that would mean that Jacques and Gabriella will still have to share their mother between two planes… And that’s what saddens us the most!

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