this comment by Thierry Ardisson which scandalized the Web

Bigflo and Oli are two rappers who have made themselves known thanks to their different songs. Knowing a real success, the latter thus had an opportunity to pass in a television program. But a comment from Thierry Ardisson about them quickly created controversy!

Bigflo and Oli, two famous Toulouse rappers!

They are two young rappers who have managed to make a name for themselves in the world of music.

Indeed, the latter have succeeded in breaking into the world of rap, which is a very competitive field. Many artists are already known in this field, which increases the chances of not succeeding in standing out.

Thus, the two young brothers from Toulouse managed to make a name for themselves fairly quickly in the field.

They have therefore experienced a real breakthrough in their career, which has therefore increased their notoriety throughout France. Thus, the latter are more exposed to the various encouragements, but also to the criticisms which are more virulent.

This was particularly seen recently during their passage in a television program. A comment from Thierry Ardisson created controversy on social networks and it caused a stir!

Bigflo and Oli invited to a TV show!

They are two young brothers who have quickly been able to make themselves known in the world of music.

For this, they have known a growing notoriety and have been invited to many television shows. In particular, they have done many concerts, thus allowing them to satisfy their fans who are impatiently waiting for this.

Indeed, the latter have been greatly satisfied lately, since their two idols have made a great comeback. You should know that they took a break in their career, allowing them to start over with healthy ideas and find inspiration.

During their visit to the France 2 set for the show 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, the journalist Laurent Delahousse asked the following question on their break: “ Too much success deserves a little break“.

The two young rappers Bigflo and Oli therefore clarified the following: Yes, I think, we needed a little break and some time for ourselves too“.

Subsequently, they clarified the following, giving their reasons: And just make music again. Because by doing a lot of promotion, by doing side projects, we lost the thread of the writing a little“.

They thus specified that they wanted to take the time necessary to be able to redo music between brothers. Reassuring their fans and confirming their return to the French music scene, the two young rappers and brothers from Toulouse performed a song.

It is therefore with a real surprise that they interpreted their title on the set. A moment that was greatly welcomed by the various fans and viewers of the show.

But a comment in particular shook social networks!

Thierry Ardisson causes scandal!

It happens that certain personalities wish to express things on social networks.

But sometimes this is misunderstood, or totally misplaced. Indeed, interpretations are very different on social networks, and reality can sometimes be distorted.

It should therefore be known that the two young brothers Bigflo and Oli performed their song on the set of France 2. But it particularly delighted their fans, and Thierry Ardisson wanted to thank them with the following message: “ It’s good, it’s great to see them appropriating our culture, it’s theirs too so it’s good that they talk about it“.

A comment that created a lot of noise on social networks and many Internet users expressed their disagreements: “ Thierry Ardisson say that ‘Bigflo and Oli have appropriated our culture’ well seen the colonialist, to puke“.

We can thus see the following things: Ardisson didn’t understand the lyrics, huh…“, “ What slippage on the part of Thierry Ardisson at the end of this song… did he actually understand the lyrics?“, “ And no one to take it back on the set“.

A comment that created a great controversy!