this contaminated product can be dangerous for health, it is sausage

Every time we have information about a recall, we ring the alarm bell. This time, you must know it!

Learn all about this recall!

During the pandemic, the French were afraid to put their noses outside. Indeed, since there was a shortage of masks and gel, we did not have the method to protect ourselves from the virus. From then on, the big brands competed in ingenuity to retain the clientele. By developing applications capable of delivering to you in record time, it is up to the one who will have the most slots or goods. Unfortunately, no one is immune to recall. Often displayed in stores, we are not aware of them when we fill our virtual basket. However, more and more defense associations are taking matters into their own hands. This is particularly the case of your servant, Objeko. Every day, our team hallucinates in the face of the chain of these food scandals. Who will have the last word, the customer the reseller? The mystery remains!

Industry giants shaken like never before,

When the sun returns, young and old alike have a smile from ear to ear and rub their hands. This Easter Sunday, they wouldn’t miss anything in the world, including a football, tennis or rugby match. This meeting in Grandma’s garden to glean as many chocolate eggs as possible is an opportunity to spend a delicious moment with the family. White, milk, praline, dark… there is something for everyone. Alas, while the barrier gestures finally seem behind us, this reminder of Kinder references is wreaking havoc on supermarket shelves. In this article, Objeko already lamented that waste is reaching new heights. This is not the story that should ease the tensions!

A few days later, an Italian specialty cuts the grass under the feet of the salty beaks. After barbecue, pizza is arguably the most user-friendly recipe in the world. However, for lack of time, we prefer to buy it frozen rather than making the dough ourselves. To say that it would be enough to invest in a good oven to personalize its composition. In any case, the brand Buitoni suffered a serious setback. Alerted by this reminder, Cyril Hanouna gets an exclusive testimony. How can we forget this mother? It’s mission impossible! Admirable, she tries to keep her calm. However, she is aware that her daughter has come a long way. Resuscitation, kidneys in poor condition, doctors watch her like milk on fire. Find out if she won’t need a transplant…

Too many reminders?

At the aperitif, two teams compete. First of all, there is the one who watches her weight and prefers to eat raw vegetables. On the other, there are epicureans who peck at dried fruit and bits of charcuterie. The less than‘Objeko can say is that this sausage reference will put KO the optimists. Manufactured and distributed by the brand Black Mountain, we could see it in all the supermarkets. Therefore, we are sounding the alarm bell. The smallest washer of these 225 grams risks causing you impressive collateral damage.

Promise sworn, it’s the only scientific word thatObjeko will give throughout the article. Generally, we hear about listeria or salmonella. This time it’s about staphylococcal enterotoxins. Do you also have trouble writing or pronouncing it? It’s not serious. However, what is complicated is that if you don’t take this reminder seriously, you could go from tasting to hell. And take our word for it, it won’t take long before it kicks in. Admit that it would be a shame to spoil this reunion with your friends who have come specially from the provinces for the holidays or the weekend. No medicine will be able to soothe his stomach aches or the nausea. Yes, since they are 100% linked to these bacteria, they are unlike any other health episode. If you want more information on the steps to take in store, the State has put a number at your disposal. This is 06 88 23 80 71! Take care of yourself !