This could be the romance between Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne

USA.- Selena Gomez Y Cara Delevingne They have a friendship that has become more and more endearing with the passage of time, and they can be seen chatting both in public events and in private moments.

Recently the actress and singer is celebrating in style the arrival of her friend the model to the second season of the successful series “Only murders in the building” (Only murders in the building), which co-stars with the actors Martin Short Y Steve Martin.

At the moment, both celebrities have remained silent about the role that the British model will play in the plot of the second season of the fictional series made by the production house. Disney.

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Cara Delevingne joined the cast of ‘Only murders in the building’, which stars Selena Gomez. Photo: Special.

John Hoffmannone of the creators of the successful series, was in charge of revealing that after so much waiting and speculation, it has already been confirmed that Selena and Cara will work together.

What now raised controversy was that it emerged that both celebrities could star in a romance throughout the new season, which will begin airing on June 28.

For his part, Hoffman spoke with the magazine Vanity Fair and assured that Delevingne will play Alice, who owns an art gallery, and that she will help Mabel, Selena’s character, to discover a part of her that she did not know until then.

All this indicates, as well as the way in which both celebrities will display all their “chemistry” on screen, that the English actress will become more than just friends, so that the love affair with the protagonist will give much to talk about.

The love affair between Selena and Cara will give a lot to talk about. Photo: Special.

It’s great that the two know each other and are so close, because it makes everything more comfortable. There’s going to be a lot of spark in every way, to the point where we realize that someone completely opened up the other person’s world. Mabel will start to become familiar with a part of herself that she wasn’t paying attention to,” the creator shared.

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