this daring joke of Kristofer on Nagui and Mélanie Page…

Kristofer dreamed of meeting Nagui!

The young Belgian man is marking the history of the program. He managed to reach the top 10 of the greatest champions and does not intend to stop there. However, and as he revealed to Télé-Loisirs, he doubts a lot and does not see himself beating Margaux, again and again number one:

“I don’t think I’ll make it. I’m not efficient enough on my finals, she was more efficient than me. That’s not my goal: Margaux is incredibly strong. It’s already huge to have reached this stage. I don’t know how she managed to manage her emotions. That’s crazy. The hardest thing is to get back to it with so many gains. I know today that my life will change. My dad is often in tears at the end of filming. My parents are so proud of me. My dad did not come in the audience, but he stayed at the reception with my sister to watch the recordings“.

And if he explains himself that he became a fan of the show late in life, it is above all the presence of the host that makes him want to participate: ” Meeting Nagui was a dream come true. I was afraid of failing, but I was happy to be there. There was more excitement than stress: I wanted to shoot everything. »

Kristofer’s teasing little joke about Nagui!

Kristofer plays to mark the program even more and tries to find out the end of the lyrics of the song Tout va très bien madame la marquise. He blocks on the latter, hesitates. A clue is then given to him. ” At the end of the line I call you“. But the Belgian is not at all inspired by this clue that he does not understand. ” It means nothing “ he said. ” It’s as if I’m telling you ‘at the end of my shoes, I’m putting them on’. It means nothing !“. Nagui, still as adept at repartee, decides to gently make fun of the candidate: “It’s also something I do every morning, personally,” he says.. What to inspire the young man: to put on ? »

Nagui immediately understands the pole launched by Kristofer. But rather than seize it, he decides to answer with more clarity, but still with a rather mischievous tone: ” The shoes ? Yes. You don’t? You will see, it makes you happy! “.

Kristofer then decides to put his feet in the dish and stop being subtle:Yes, especially with Melanie, you must be very happy!“.

An increasingly comfortable candidate

The young man chained the victories, forged links with Nagui and logically felt more at ease on the set… even if it meant deserting the premises in the middle of recording. Viewers were able to see this on April 11.

On the set, Kristofer paces while Nagui discusses with the new competitor. A bit annoyed by Kristofer’s behavior, Nagui, who does not have his tongue in his pocketinterrupts his interview with Mylène to address the champion. But always with humor: ‘Excuse me, excuse me ten seconds. Do you have to pee Kristofer?

If Nagui probably thought he was making a joke, he actually got it right. Kristofer indeed wants to take a bathroom break. ” Yes really ! It’s true ! I’m sorry ! replied, embarrassed. What annoy Nagui who did not expect it. But the facilitator is not a despot and obviously allows the candidate to relieve himself. This gives him time to Continue to meet Mylène, who sees this absence as an opportunity to become the new champion. ” Who goes hunting, loses his place” she says, before Nagui completes this sentence with his usual humor: “There, it’s who goes to shit“.

If Kristofer is a stressed, perfectionist, and thinks he won’t continue in the show for a long time, we hope to see him for a long time on our television screens!