This French film which was a hit at the cinema 10 years ago with 2.3 million admissions when it was really not terrible despite the participation of Jérôme Commandeur arrives on Netflix

If you like French comedies, take a little tour on Netflix from Friday July 8 to discover or rediscover hollywoo. The story is that of Jeanne Rinaldi, a woman whose job is to dub actresses. When she learns that the star of a hit series Jennifer Marshall is quitting her role, Jeanne goes to Hollywood to change her mind. And to continue to earn a good living, of course. In the United States, she met Farres who opened the doors of the American seventh art to her, well almost…

When it was released in cinemas in 2011, this film by and starring Florence Foresti was widely promoted, for two reasons: it promised a lot thanks to a well-stocked cast made up of Jamel Debbouze, Muriel Robin, Nikki DeLoach (photo above ) and even Jérôme Commandeur in a small role, and he was the subject of controversy. Screenwriter Dodine Herry-Grimaldi (The hikers) indeed indicated having submitted two screenplays in 2005 and 2007 to the Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers telling the same story as Hollywood, except that the dubber was a dubber. She therefore accused Florence Foresti of plagiarism. Which of course did not please the actress. The case ultimately had no legal consequences. The film was a hit with him despite this controversy with more than 2.3 million spectators in theaters. And despite bad reviews, alone The Parisian and The Sunday Journal thus saved hollywoo.

Just over ten years after its release, this French comedy is now enjoying a second life on Netflix. Perhaps it will have the same success as another film with Jérôme Commandeur which was a hit on the streaming platform, despite also an average quality: Barbecue.


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