This gesture of reconciliation from Prince Charles to Harry and Meghan

The strained relations between Meghan and Harry and the British royal family have not really seemed to calm down in recent months. But according to the Mirror, Prince Charles tried to shake things up very recently.

Sad not to see more of his son, daughter-in-law and their children, he officially invited Harry and Meghan to stay in England. It must be said that since they renounced their royal obligations 2 years ago and left to settle in the United States, they have never found each other. And still according to The Mirror, which cites sources close to Buckingham, the two men would have had a warm phone call.

“Charles is saddened to not have had the opportunity to spend time with his grandchildren. He is a wonderful and loving grandfather who takes his role very seriously and is likely to feel a lack of not being able to see Harry’s children. This is a situation which he seeks to remedy through this invitation made to the Sussexes to stay with him as soon as they express the wish to go to England “, thus entrusted an informant to the English newspaper.

Will Harry respond favorably to this invitation? He recently applied for crown security if he returned to the UK.