this incredible surprise that awaits fans of the cult series

Chain France 3 silenced the rumors and decided to formalize the bad news. Indeed, the hit television series More beautiful life will stop in a few months. But, the production wants to do things in order and taking its time to spare all the teams. Indeed, this great adventure will still have lasted for 18 years, or 18 seasons. It was obvious that we had to mark the occasion. The last episode will be recorded soon. In this one, a nice surprise awaits the fans of the soap opera who are as sad as the actors… We share with you the information of our colleague Tele-Leisure.

More beautiful life : the end of a great adventure for the public and the actors!

It’s official ! This is definitely the end clap for the series of France 3, More beautiful life. The direction of France Televisions announced that the broadcast would end next November. Here is the press release that was shared on social media: “This Thursday, May 5, 2022, the management of France Télévisions announced to the teams of More beautiful life, in Marseille, that this season would be the last”. In addition, the group had also explained the reasons for the discontinuation of the soap opera. More beautiful life so as not to leave fans with questions. Indeed, this decision is in line with the evolution of “Viewer Expectations” and of program consumption.

A disruption in More beautiful life

Of course, with or without justification, this ad had the effect of a b*mbe with viewers and also the actors and actresses of More beautiful life. “The book closes, the guestbook sleeps… Thank you to you viewers for these 18 years of loyalty, trust and love! »wrote Rebecca Hampton, who plays the role of Céline Frémont, this Thursday, May 5 on her account instagram.

Laurent Kérusoré, who embodies the character of Thomas Marci in the flagship series of France 3 also delivered: “Loves, I see everything on social media and you know I’m emotional, I’m not going to cry… But beautiful solidarity loves. After all, we did all that together, we were on set and you were behind your screens. And it was a beautiful love story. It’s not over yet, you’ll see. This is perhaps the most beautiful story on TV. Yes, I assume what I say. You are my kings, my queens. I like You. “. Such a heartbreaking message!

Surprises for the last episode!

In order to console the fans, the production has planned surprises for the end of More beautiful life. Indeed, according to the sources of our colleagues at Tele-Leisure revealed this Wednesday, May 11, 2022, there will be a first bonus titled reunion, but a second episode is also being prepared. For these last two bonuses, fans will have the pleasure of seeing old heads from the very beginnings of More beautiful life.

“I know they want to do an end bonus again and they’ve asked a lot of alumni if ​​they’re available. As far as I’m concerned, I told them to make me come back even if it’s to do extra work at a wedding or something else. We opened the ball, we would like to close it and be there to say goodbye to everyone, ” explains Dounia Coesens, the actress who plays Johanna in More beautiful life.

Our colleague’s journalists contacted the program director of France Televisions, Anne Holmes, to learn more. This states: “Obviously we would like to have the actors who were there originally. » Is that going to be enough to comfort fans of More beautiful life ?