This is Anitta’s tutorial on TikTok: This is how she teaches the perreo on the floor that is all the rage in Latin America wearing heels and a bikini | People | Entertainment

The Brazilian singer Anitta premiered the song “Envolver” in November of last year and from the first moment she drove all her followers and netizens crazy with a sensual perreo that became viral.

The interpreter leaves everyone present at her concerts speechless with her movements that quickly flooded the entire Internet, giving rise to a challenge on social networks of thousands of people trying the sensual choreography.

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Anitta’s tutorial that drives her fans crazy in Latin America

Due to the success of the theme and the dance, Anitta herself published a video on her TikTok account as a tutorial, showing the step by step to achieve her movements to the ground.

Criticized by some and applauded by many more, this video became popular on the platform and is now a viral challenge that thousands of people around the world do not stop practicing.

“Ok girls, I have seen you all do the “Wrap” challenge, so here I show you a tutorial so you can achieve it,” said the artist.

In the tutorial that has gone around the world, the interpreter is seen wearing a much more relaxed look than in her concerts, but without neglecting her stamp of sensuality.

In high heels, a very particular bikini with a transparent pareo with long fringes, together with a top that leaves her back uncovered, Anitta explains movement by movement, until she ends up on the floor moving her derriere.

The sensual artist enjoys a good time

Since its inception, Anitta has shown that her personality is explosively sensual and each time she shows it with her striking and daring looks, as well as with her choreography.

The 28-year-old Brazilian is at her best. Her energy on and off stage reflects her as a full and very self-confident woman, in addition to collaborating with the greats of the genre and carrying the flag of her country to the main events of the industry.

During the carnivals, he surprised his followers again by wearing three rather striking costumes in violet, blue and green iridescent colors. As a mermaid, as a pirate and finally as a cowgirl, the outfits had in common that they showed off the slim and beautiful figure of the star that she decided to show a lot of skin.

With a totally different style, he was also seen at Fashion Week in Paris, where he appeared with an imposing look made up of Shark Lock boots by Givenchy, a white set of a shirt with zip fastening, a pleated effect mini skirt, complemented by a long black coat and a handbag. (AND)