This is Becker’s tough everyday life in prison

Boris Becker has been in prison for almost a week – he is only allowed to leave his solitary cell for 30 minutes a day, showering is only allowed twice a week. The details of his prison stay:

Boris Becker has been behind bars for almost a week now. The tennis star received two and a half years for delaying bankruptcy – some of which he has to serve in Wandsworth prison near London. However, there is no celebrity bonus for Becker. As the BILD newspaper reports, Becker is only allowed to leave his solitary cell to serve food, to leave (around 30 minutes a day), for social time and for introductory courses (such as in the library). Even when released, the prisoners are only allowed to move clockwise in the inner courtyard. During community time (twice a week for 20 minutes), Becker is allowed to have contact with other prisoners. In addition to fixed meal times and cell times, there are also shower times: Becker is only allowed to use the communal shower twice a week for around ten minutes.

No luxury: In the “Screw Jail” there is rough handling.

This is Becker's tough everyday life in prison

The cells are said to be far too small for two people each.

Solitary confinement and pocket money

Becker is still in solitary confinement. Later he is supposed to get an older prisoner as a cellmate – a so-called “listener”. These are respected prisoners who are often also religious or spiritual and offer their help to the newcomers. The tennis star also gets a little pocket money. Becker currently receives 10 pounds (equivalent to 11.75 euros) per week and a telephone card. He can use the money to shop in the canteen (e.g. chocolate or hygiene items).

In eight to ten weeks, Becker will then be transferred to a new prison with a lower security category in Greater London.