This is how big and handsome is the eldest son of Celeste Cid and Emmanuel Horvilleur

Time passes so quickly that one may not be aware of everything that happened in between and the changes. It is the case of andrethe eldest son of Celeste Cid Y Emmanuel Horvilleurwho in October 2018 turned 18 years old.

The actress and the singer had a romance that lasted four years, between 2003 and 2007. In between, she came to the world andre, the first child of both. Although it has been a long time since that story ended, today they have an excellent relationship as parents.

Yes ok andre He does not have a media profile, he is well known on social networks, since he has more than 100,000 followers on his Instagram account. Although it is private, you can see photos of him on social networks. Celeste Cid Y Emmanuel Horvilleur.

Celeste Cid and her son André.
Celeste Cid and her son André.

At the time, when the young man came of age, his mother shared a sweet post on her Instagram feed, in which she was very proud of how both she and the musician raised andre.

“18 years ago I was the mother of the most beautiful kid in the world. Good, sensitive, connected, intelligent. Good friend of her friends, ”she said, very proud, Celeste Cidwho congratulated herself already Emmanuel Horvilleur for the excellent job they have done as parents up to now.

Likewise, the singer also expressed his love for his son on Instagram, where he also wrote a tender message. “We did everything right, Daddy Emma. Thank you for this shared adventure, ”he commented.