This is how Carlota has changed 27 years after the novel

One of the characters that the public remembers most from Maria, the one from the neighborhoodthe successful telenovela in which they starred Thalia and Fernando Colunga in the mid 90s, without a doubt, is the gossip Charlotte.

The domestic employee of the De la Vega family, incarnated with great talent by the Mexican actress Rebeca Manriquezstuck into the audience with his fondness for gossip, airs of grandeur and grimaces.

Rebeca Manríquez shone in 'María, la del barrio'

At the beginning of the melodrama, the maid was a great accomplice of Soraya Montenegroto whom he informed of everything that happened in the mansion of his employers and helped to annoy the protagonist.

However, at the end of the production of Televisa In 1996, the nosy, obnoxious, and hard-working worker who spied on her bosses ended up becoming an ally of the heroin, Maria Hernandez.

Rebeca Manríquez shone in 'María, la del barrio'

At that time, Manríquez had been working as an actress for more than a decade. However, it was thanks to her performance in this teledrama that she became known to the world and was immortalized.

Since then, almost three decades have passed in which a lot has changed in the personal and professional life of this talented comedian, except for her great passion for acting.

The present of the gossipy Carlota de Maria, the one from the neighborhood

Now, Rebeca Manríquez is weeks away from turning 64has an image changed by the passage of time, but no less beautiful and is still valid in the world of acting.

After his extraordinary participation in Maria, the one from the neighborhoodthe multifaceted star continued unstoppable building her career as an actress in all scenarios director and presenter.

On the small screen, since the last time she played Carlota, the also writer has shown her great talent in approximately 29 television projectsaccording to his profile on Imdb.

The face of revenge (2012-2013), Be careful with the angel (2008-2009), Summer of Love (2009) and, more recently, It was not my fault (2021) are some soap operas in which he has stood out.

Likewise, during the 27 years that have passed since the end of Maria, the one from the neighborhoodHe has also performed in cinema and theater. However, the stage in which she has shone the most is the dubbing.

Since she began her career in the 70s, the outstanding artist has stood out with her great work as actress and dubbing director in dozens of productions for the small and big screen.

In fact, in the last almost three decades, she has lent her voice in Spanish to countless famous people like Ramonda in the movies of Black PantherNarcissa Malfoy in the saga Harry Potter or Dr. Grace Augustine in Avatar: The path of water.

Likewise, he is in charge of dubbing several Hollywood actresses into Spanish in his many films, such as Michelle Pfeiffer and Frances McDormand. Besides, he has done voices for anime and video games.

Regarding her personal life, the star was married to the also Mexican actor Jorge Lavat until his death in September 2011. Since then, he has not had a sentimental partner.

On her Instagram profile, where she accumulates more than 16,000 followers, the eternal Charlotte of Maria, the one from the neighborhood She dedicates emotional messages to the memory of her husband on each death anniversary.

“Yesterday it was not possible to publish anything in this space, that does not mean that I have forgotten your 11th anniversary. I love you forever. You live in mind and heart. I hug you with my soul, Jorgito. happy eternal life”, he wrote next to a photo of both that he published on September 15.

The couple, according to various media, had no children together; However, it is said that Manríquez maintains a great relationship with the offspring that her deceased husband had before her happy marriage.

Besides, the talented actress is the devoted mother of two offspring who are now adults and fill her with pride: Daniela and Enrique. Her children are the result of relationships prior to her marriage to Lavat.