This is how Chiquis Rivera was left after her breast surgery

Chiquis Rivera is usually used to being at the center of controversy and comments about her life, whether it’s about who she’s dating or what kind of touch-ups she does on her body.

Recently, the daughter of the deceased singer Jenni Rivera, had to go out to clarify what had been done to her body after the controversy that arose for having said that she had achieved her spectacular figure after drinking hot water with lemon daily. From that moment and added to the fact that a famous surgeon doctor published a photo with her, many speculated that the artist had undergone liposuction to look slimmer.

But none of that, Chiquis assured in a video that went viral on social networks, that she had actually visited the doctor to intervene her breasts again. Some time ago, Lorenzo Méndez’s ex had removed the implants she had because she no longer felt comfortable, but now she changed her mind again and explained that she wanted to get implants again to improve that area. “I’m going to fix my bubbies a little, because well… I want to,” he said.

These statements were given in June 2021, then Chiquis Rivera showed her before and after in Instagram stories, although the truth is that in both photographs she was quite covered. Since then, she has not shown her breasts openly again, only in some for her Instagram account.