This is how Dua Lipa experienced the earthquake in Mexico

Dua Lipa arrived in Mexico as part of her Future Nostalgia international tour and experienced a moment she will not forget. The Aztec country surprised her with an earthquake at dawn in Mexico City and there were cameras that managed to record the reaction of the British star at the precise moment in which the natural phenomenon was happening.

The interpreter of “One Kiss” was in a dance hall at the time the magnitude 6.9 tremor occurred (with an epicenter in Coalcom√°n, Michoac√°n). It was just a few hours after she finished her concert at Foro Sol, around 01:16 am

Given the concern of her fans who began to ask about her on social networks; The user @Dios_Padre published the video where the artist’s first reactions are seen. Although her face is bewildered, it can be seen that she never lost her calm.

As seen in the viral video, Dua Lipa was with bodyguards who assisted her at all times. Beyond the scare, which made the nightclub music stop for a while, the 27-year-old singer was able to enjoy her “after party” without major inconvenience.

Although at times the music stopped in the nightclub of the Cuauht√©moc mayor’s office where the artist was, minutes later the celebration continued without major inconvenience.