This is how Gina Holguín found out about her motherhood

After last October Georgina Holguin and Andres Vaca They will swear eternal love before God, now the happy couple is expecting their first baby. Exclusively, the sportscaster and the host of TUDN told us how they received the news and how it has gone in these first four months of pregnancy.

Gina, how did you find out about your pregnancy?
I already suspected it because my period was late, but I decided to take the test because I started to feel bad and I was worried, I thought it could be COVID-19, but no, I was pregnant and I surprised Andrés.

How did you receive the news, Andrés?
I came back from work normally, it was already late and I changed, I brushed my teeth and went to my room, Gina was already in bed and she told me: “You got a package”. I opened the bag, which was made of cloth, and at first glance I saw baby clothes, and when I spread it out the pregnancy test fell out. I was in shock! We both started to cry, we hugged each other, it was a very special moment, especially because it was something we wanted. It was very nice.

Have they had ailments, vomiting, dizziness, cravings…?
Gina: Vomiting and dizziness no, but all my life I have been very craving, and now more, I really crave fresh fruit and fruit water.
Andrew: I, the truth, nothing, rather I have had to support Gina in finding her cravings, because suddenly she tells me: “I have a craving for a tangerine water”, and I go out for the tangerine water, so I try to pamper Gina as much as possible to make the pregnancy as bearable as possible.

Are you nervous, afraid? Finally, they are expecting their first baby…
G: We are really very happy; The truth is that Andrés is an extraordinary husband, he couldn’t be more affectionate, attentive and cute, he is very pampering, pampering and I know that he will be the best dad, so, more than nervous, we are very excited.
TO: That’s right, no nerves, all I want is for the day to come when we can hold our baby in our arms and pamper him or her. They say that having a child is very tiring and that one no longer sleeps, but the truth is, although we don’t know the baby, we already love him, and if we don’t have to sleep, nothing happens.

When will they know if it will be a boy or a girl?
G: This weekend (March 12-13), but for us, the most important thing is that our baby arrives healthy, and whatever it is, we will wait with open arms.
TO: Many of my friends who are already parents have always wanted a child, but the truth is that I don’t care, especially since it is our first child; So, if it’s a boy or a girl, I’m going to be one hundred percent happy.

Have you thought of a name yet?
G: As a child we had thought of Julia, and children’s names have more options.
TO: As a child we like the names Ian, José María, Matías and Mateo, so if it is a girl we have it easy, and if it is a boy we will have to decide.

Wouldn’t you like the name of Andrés?
G: I do, I love that name!
TO: I’m not closed to anything, I’ve always thought that couple decisions are made together, but I don’t like children to be named after their parents, it’s something very personal, but if Gina wants, we’ll talk about it.

Already on track, do you plan to order the second baby soon?
G: I think you have to let things flow, the moment will come just when it has to be; Just as this first pregnancy was, may life surprise us.

How did your first ultrasound go?
G: We both cried, it was a very nice moment, we were very moved.
TO: I will never forget when we first went to the doctor, he explained to us on a small screen what it would look like if Gina was pregnant, and when they did the ultrasound, she looked just as the doctor had told us. And I remember a lot the phrase: “Congratulations, you are going to be parents”, that moment was as if a switch was activated and we began to cry with happiness.

Will it be cesarean section or natural childbirth?
G: I would like it to be a natural birth, but we are not closed to anything, the most important thing is the health of the baby, that is the priority.

Gina, do you plan to combine your work with this new stage you are experiencing, or are you going to retire for a little while?
G: I think at first I’m going to focus on the baby, but I love my job, it’s accessible and lends itself to being combined with motherhood. It could get a little complicated if I had all three jobs: the news, Neighbors and sports, but right now we’ve finished recording the next two seasons of Neighbors, that pending is ready and I hope everything falls into place. I would like to continue working.
TO: Gina is very dedicated and dedicated, she loves her job and I know that she is perfectly capable of working during and after her pregnancy, but if something gets difficult for her, I will always be there to support her.