This is how her daughter Penelope reacted to the engagement

Kourtney Kardashian and Penelope, in a file photo

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    romance of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker He is looking aft and under full sail. For example, his latest public appearances: what if a kiss at the Oscars, what if other cuddles at the Met Gala —where both went this year for the first time— or his well-known tendency to dress to match whenever his wardrobes, each more and more similar, they allow it. And it is that, as we have been able to see in the new ‘reality’ of the Kardashians that is broadcast on Disney +, both are living a teenage dream at 43 years old in her case and at 46 in his. And we love it, although it seems that not everyone around her has been equally happy with this intense and even suffocating relationship.

    It was the case, for example, of Penelope, the nine-year-old daughter she shares with Scott Disick —ex who, at the moment, doesn’t want to know much about ‘Kravis’—. And it is that, as Kardashian herself has told in the aforementioned reality show, the news that she and Travis got engaged last October felt like a jug of cold water to the girl. So much so that the reaction of this was burst into tears and hang up the phone when her mother called her excited to tell her the news. “Penelope took it badly, I think it’s a big change for her. And even though she loves Travis, I think she doesn’t know what that means, you know? ”, The businesswoman commented during a clip of the episode.

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    When is the wedding that everyone is waiting for?

    However, Kourtney’s youngest son, king, seven years old, took this news in a better way. The oldest, Mason, 12, did not pick up the phone when his mother called him from the beach where he got engaged and therefore we do not know his reaction. Perhaps one of the reasons why Penelope did not accept the news of the engagement at first was because, when this great moment happened, Barker’s children did celebrate with the newly engaged, while her offspring stayed at home watching the celebration through TikTok. A decision made by Kris Jenner, Kourtney’s mother, in order not to confront Scott, who has never accepted his ex-partner’s new relationship with the drummer.

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    Be that as it may, ‘Kravis’ walked down the altar of a chapel in Las Vegas in a surprising way last April, during the night of the Grammy Awards, leaving these photos as a result. However, this was not the big family wedding they plan to carry out, an event that, according to close sources, could happen this spring. I mean, right now! We can’t wait to see these two give it their all dressed as two dolls of a wedding cake (with rock tints, fixed).

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