“This is how I am so that when they see me on the street they don’t criticize”: Jessica Cediel showed herself without filters

Through her stories on Instagram, the model and presenter Jessica Cediel showed how the sun’s rays or other factors have affected her face.

In a video, the model was seen naturally, without filters, and for this she brought the cell phone lens closer.

Look at the spots, girls. My vacations, my skin is so stained, too bad, what do I do? (…) Stain, stain, stain. This is me without a filter or makeup, I only have sunscreen and with a little color, I did not cover them, ”Cediel told his followers in the video.

Cediel also published a text where she asked her followers not to criticize her when, for some reason, they find her on the street.

“This is how I am so that when they see me on the street they don’t criticize. Not having perfect skin is perfect”, was Cediel’s message that accompanied the video.

On the other hand, Carolina Cruz recently “stung her tongue” in Eva Rey’s digital program, where she revealed some details of her personal and professional life. In the middle of the interview, Laura Acuña was uncovered and she also mentioned Jessica Cediel.

“Who do you stay with between Laura Acuña and Jessica Cediel?”was the blunt question that Rey launched at her, to which the model responded emphatically: “I kept both.”

The Iberian, however, did not stop there and pointed out that Cediel recently confessed that he was currently choosing Carolina Cruz, since they work together on some work projects.

Faced with this revelation, the Caracol Televisión presenter sent the Bogota woman a message and thanked her for that nice detail, but she emphasized in the informal dialogue that she has a very good relationship with both.

“But look, J.essica cediel got wet [animó]. I asked him what day and he told me that Carolina Cruz, because they have been working together. Or rather, Jessica they have thrown you into the water ”, Rey specified.

It is worth mentioning that Acuña took advantage of a small dynamic that he did on Instagram last June to state that he does not have any kind of problem with Carolina Cruz and Carolina Soto, and assured that they are still very good friends. However, she pointed out that they have distanced themselves due to labor issues.

“Of course we are friends, what happens is that the two of them share more, because they are together all the time and work in the same place [Día a Día]. Of course we are friends, ”she initially indicated.

Then, Acuña added: “You can believe that we have never been able to balance the time to go to Caro’s farm [Soto]. The times don’t work out, but I really want to go. I’ve been told that it’s a great time there.”

The presenter of La Voz Kids finally stressed at that time that they hardly talk to them, because they currently have too many projects.

Is Jessica Cediel dating Ovy On The Drums?

Jessica Cediel became one of the most famous and commented presenters of the national show business, due to her time on different television programs and projects. Her talent opened the way for her to participate in large formats and programs, where she conquered the hearts of millions of people with her attitude, beauty and personality.

Recently, the model also caught the attention of her loyal followers with a particular interview that she gave to Eva Rey, specifically on the project Get naked with Eva Rey, where he talked about his career, his life, his plans for the future and his sentimental side. Although she did not give many details, the Colombian broke the silence and opened up about a situation that she is currently experiencing.

“Single or married?” Said the presenter, to which the Bogota woman replied: “In this moment of life I am there. What do I want? I want to be married, but right now I’m there”.

The European began to joke and make humorous comments, indicating that it was noticeable that something was happening in the heart of the model. Cediel was clear and pointed out that right now she was living a story with someone, because her heart was beating fast and getting a little excited.

“So that we do not say anything, is there something that can be starting off rich? Are you excited?” Rey asked.

“There is someone who is making my heart beat very strong. But what you want, take care of it and then see, ”replied the presenter of The dischargepointing out that he preferred to keep this a secret and not give details.

But through social networks, The rumor has grown that Jessica Cediel would be dating the music producer Ovy On The Drums, since she was seen in the restaurant of her ex-partner, Pipe Bueno, with a man who took her by the waist and they were together.