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chanel at eurovision 2022

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    The grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 promised a lot. And the musical event, which took place last Saturday in Turin, Italy, has not disappointed at all. Did you bite your nails during the close vote that gave Chanel a splendid third place? Well pay attention because the experience from the inside was even more frantic. If you have ever wondered what it is like to live the party from the venue itself, you are in luck, we have intervened to tell you in first person the curiosities and details that are not seen on television.

    First of all, the Eurovision experience begins long before the final gala, since, the event’s official sponsor, organizes the Booking House in the very center of the city. Things are already cooking there. For example, this year we were able to see at that appointment the very conchita wurst —winner of the festival in 2014 thanks to the song ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’—, where she delighted us with the characteristic voice that has made her a musical and political reference thanks to her overwhelming inclusive message. Right there, at the door of the Booking House, we met a crowd of fans who were anxiously waiting for Måneskin at the door of the hotel that is in front of the enclosure. The madness and fervor awakened by the winners of the last edition is more than palpable. From there we go to prepare for the night date, where we will finally know who gets the glass microphone.

    maneskin at eurovision 2022

    Måneskin performed during the gala in Turin, Italy.


    On the way to Pala Alpitour, the Italian city, with less than a million inhabitants, is already breathing Eurovision. Tens of people dressed with flags and even original costumes they help you connect with a ‘mood’ that culminates when you walk through the gates of the stadium and witness the stage for the first time. A scenario that, by the way, this year has been openly criticized by the ‘eurofans’ in networks, which could not stand the striking ‘sun’ that was installed in the center. At the moment of truth, it is fair to say that said administration was not as catastrophic as predicted and, as in previous editions, the execution of the lights and the production played a decisive role in the dynamism of the gala. The final result left an audience that enjoyed Laura Pausini and Mika as presenters, two of the best conductors who have stepped on the festival stage in many years.

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    There, in the seat itself located in the venue, we find a flag containing a drawn heart whose mission is to be waved during a ‘medley’ by Mika that turned out to be the best intervention of the night. Pleasant surprises from the participants? Sweden, Greece, UK and Spain they shone for the originality of their proposals that worked like a charm in front of a live audience. Because yes, although this type of saraos are designed to be shown through a camera, sometimes they can also leave those who choose to travel and see it ‘in situ’ speechless.

    As an extra curiosity, between performance and performance an extensive group of workers changes a stage against the clock that in each of the 25 ‘performances’ looks completely different and fresh. Finally, to no one’s surprise —given that they were already the favorites in the bookmakers—, Ukraine took gold thanks to the folk and urban rhythm song ‘Stefania’ that resonates for the last time in the stadium, closing an edition whose venue for next year is a mystery due to the political vicissitudes that the winning country is going through. Are you looking forward to Eurovision? 2023 is just around the corner.

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