This is how James Rodríguez celebrated the traditional candlelight day

Every December 7 in Colombia the announcement of the birth of the Child Jesus is commemorated, because for Catholics this date is decisive, since it is the Messiah who would save the Earth; at that moment it is an angel who tells the Virgin Mary that she will be her mother. Therefore, dozens of candles are lit in the country.

On this date, social networks are filled with images of thousands of Colombians who leave their homes and light a candle; sometimes the meaning they give is to make a wish, to pray or reflect, or also because many remember their loved ones who are no longer alive and who left an indelible mark.

Likewise, several well-known characters from the national show business, whether they are athletes, actors, presenters, singers, among others, share how they live the remembered Day of the Little Candles, as did the 10th of the Colombian National Team, James Rodríguez.

In an Instagram post, which quickly amassed more than 236,000 likesthe 31-year-old from Cucuta, let his more than 50.1 million followers see that he does not forget his roots and does not lose the habit of December 7.

In several photographs, the Olympiacos midfielder from Greece showed the world his Christmas tree and its nearly 12 candles. In addition, he was seen accompanied by his pet, a goldendoodle dog, with whom he also enjoys the Christmas season.

The Colombian athlete was smiling and very happy, Well, although for many this time can be sad, for others it is a season of celebration, joy and sharing with friends and/or loved ones.

James Rodríguez would be dating a “new Daniela” and she is also Colombian, who is she?

James Rodríguez is one of the most recognized Colombian professional soccer players in the sports world.. His most stable relationship was with the model and businesswoman Daniela Ospina, with whom he had a daughter; However, after divorcing, in 2017, he was romantically related to the Venezuelan model Shannon de Lima.

After that relationship, an official couple has not been known to the player; Despite this, public opinion has been in charge of linking him with various show business women, but it has never been proven that he had a relationship with any of them.

The last thing that was rumored about the midfielder’s sentimental relationships was that he was dating a Greek woman, but this was never verified. On this occasion, the entertainment program I know everything He mentioned a Colombian woman with whom the man from Cucuta would be dating.

The media indicated that this information was provided by “first hand sources” where they assured the gossip program that the 10th of the Selection would be involved in what appears to be an affair with a model born in Barranquilla.

The information you disclosed I know everything is that the woman’s name is Daniela Acuña; In addition, it was possible to verify that both follow each other on their personal Instagram accounts and have even given several likes on various publications.

The media indicates that, apparently, the model and the soccer player have been dating for five months, although it is not a formal relationship, as the media clarified.