This is how Johnny Depp’s daughter supported him at the beginning of his battle with Amber Heard – New Woman

Johnny Depp is in the middle of a legal battle with Amber Heard. Now that the actress has given statements about their relationship, details about his relationship with the daughter of the famous Lily-Rose Depp have come to light. For this reason they have resurfaced the words that the young woman dedicated to her father at the beginning of her conflict with Amber.

Lily-Rose Depp defends Johnny Depp while Amber Heard criticizes him as a father

Although from the beginning of this trial, Lily Rose Depp has remained on the sidelines of the conflict and away from the media, Previously, he did not hesitate to show his support for his father Johnny Depp and revealed what their relationship was really like.

In 2016, Johnny Depp’s daughter wrote a message of support for her father on social networks accompanied by a photo in which he taught her to walk as a baby.

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Even though the post has since been deleted, fans still remember her message.

“My dad is the sweetest, most loving person I know, he has been nothing but a wonderful father to me and my brother and everyone who knows him will say the same.”

Years later he spoke about what he had learned from his father:

“I think a big part of keeping a healthy head on your shoulders is being self-aware and not getting to the point where you take yourself too seriously that your actions are questioned.”

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This was written when the first accusations of Amber Heard against Johnny Depp in the article he wrote for the Washington Post about an abusive relationship.

This message resurfaced after Amber testify at trial that she was worried about Johnny’s children because of the actor’s drug use. even earlier stated that Johnny had offered his daughter drugs, which he categorically denied.

On the one hand, Johnny declared that Lily-Rose Depp did not want to attend the wedding he had with Amber because the two did not get along.

“My daughter, Lily-Rose did not come to the wedding. She and Miss Heard were not on particularly good terms, for various reasons.

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As for Amber’s accusations of offering drugs to her daughter, he said that this was not the case.

In a conversation between father and daughter, he told her never to accept drugs if someone offered them to her at a party, that if she was ever curious about experimenting with this type of substance, she should tell him. and he wouldn’t judge her. On the contrary, she would see a way that she could do it safely, in his company and under the supervision of an adult.

This was a consensual talk by Lily-Rose’s mother, who also thought it was better for her daughter to trust her parents. and not to go into hiding to test drugs and put himself at risk.

“I don’t want the first experience I have of this world to be with people I don’t know, taking things I can’t trust, it’s a security issue”