This is how Josselin undertook with his maternity store in the capital

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- “When I was pregnant I was looking for items for my maternity and it was difficult for me to find them, they were also at a very high cost,” confessed the woman from the capital Josselin Oyuela a THE HERALD INSPIRES.

It was then that in the midst of a pandemic covid-19still pregnant with her second baby, decided to undertake in order to be present at each stage of her little ones and at the same time meet the needs of Honduran mothers.

“The fact of starting in the middle of the pandemic benefited us since people were adapting to the use of technological platforms to make purchases online,” he said.

Electric extractors, vitamins, protectors and nursing bras, menstrual cups, as well as a variety of postpartum girdles are among the products offered by Oyuela through its virtual store, which it decided to call ‘sun‘.

In a pleasant conversation with this newspaper, he revealed some aspects of his business, which has positioned itself at a national level thanks to its products and quality service. Below are his impressions.

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– Entrepreneurship and being a mother… how difficult is it?

It is quite a challenge, but I can assure you that I have never had more motivation and clarity of thought in my life. It’s as if inside me I knew that I couldn’t fail and that this had to be a reality, yes or yes. Today, it is the same feeling seeing my two children and the happiness of seeing them grow together with me.

– Is there anything you would like to have been told before undertaking?

That the first days are very hard and sometimes even frustrating because you’re just doing it, answering messages, preparing orders, managing suppliers and you have very little time left for yourself, despite being at home.

– What role has your husband played in this process?

Erick… he’s a key player here. He helped me with his emotional support and currently, he is the one who is in charge of the administration of the store.

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– Josselin gets up and what is the first thing you think about to start the day with the many pending tasks?

The desire to be with my children is my main motivation and thanks to owning my own business I can organize myself at different times to review the operation and delegate activities to the team.

– Speaking of the team… How many people have you managed to employ in ‘Sole’?

We are a team of seven people. I like to motivate them day by day, because although we are a small company, for us it is big and our employees and their well-being are one of our priorities.

– Why the name ‘Sole’?

The name refers to how I felt my son at that moment: like a sun that came to illuminate my life. I liked its variant in the Neapolitan language, from which is that famous song ”O Sole Mio’ and because it is a short and easy word to remember I decided to use it for my brand.

– What are your future plans, Josselin?

We want to continue being an online store, possibly opening branches in key points of the country, but we also want to expand throughout Central America and very soon to be able to offer our products to women from other parts, since many times they write to us from the United States, Guatemala , El Salvador, and some South American countries and to see if we can send them our products.

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Before starting a business, the woman from the capital worked as a digital marketing specialist in an advertising agency, however, she decided to start her own business applying her knowledge to it and drawing inspiration from her children.

Today, she has a website created and optimized by herself, she receives massive orders from all over the national territory and she has time to spend with her family. josselin, is a clear example of how persevering, capable and warrior Honduran mothers are and what better day than this second Sunday in May to applaud their guts. !! Congratulations!!

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Where to buy your products?

On the website you can find the various products offered by the entrepreneur. They also find your website as SOLE – HN Online Storeon Instagram as They can also be contacted at 2243-5734 or WhatsApp 3170-0726.

For deliveries in person, you can go to your office located on the main street of the Alameda neighborhood in the capital. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Saturdays 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The entrepreneur adapted to the various forms of payment such as cash on delivery and online. “Our website is up and running every day, they can come in and place their order very easily. They only have to choose the product they like and enter their data for delivery, it does not require registration or login. They will get an order number and receive it in 1-3 business days to the address they provide. You can make any query by WhatsApp or Facebook”, she concluded.

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