This is how María, Itatí Cantoral’s daughter, who is already a teenager, has changed – Nueva Mujer

Itatí Cantoral She is not only one of the most beloved and admired actresses in Mexicoalso leads a happy life as the mother of her twins Roberto and José Eduardo, the fruit of her relationship with Eduardo Santamarina, and her youngest daughter, Maria Itatiwho was born from her love with Calos Alberto Cruz.

Although the actress’s career has been filled with a lot of workhas made it clear that her children are her priority, so she always finds time to share with each of her children.

In this way, you have not missed an opportunity to share through social networks, the most special moments with their children and we have been able to see how much they have grown.

Definitely, the one who has caused the most impression in recent months is María Itatíand it is that the 13-year-old teenager has changed a lot and usually shares some images through her social networks.

When the villain of “María, la del barrio” shared images and videos of her daughter, you could see that the teenager was somewhat shybut it seems that he enjoys appearing on cameras more and more, since he usually shares many images on his Instagram account.

This is how Itatí Cantoral’s daughter has grown

After being a very discreet girl who did not share anything about her personal lifethe girl becomes more and more open in networks and this is how the fans have been able to see the similarity she has with her mother.

Nowadays, María has the look of her mother, as well as other features that remind to the actress in her time within the cast of “Muchachitas”.

María also enjoys sharing images in which she appears with striking makeup and colorful, which shows that he is increasingly exploring his own tastes and personality.