This is how Miley Cyrus’ plane was left after being struck by lightning

Miley Cyrus reported on her social networks that, during the early hours of this Wednesday, her plane was surprised by an unexpected storm and was struck by lightning. The aircraft made an emergency landing at the Guaraní Airport, in Minga Guazú, Alto Paraná.

The fact it happened five days after the aforementioned concert that the American singer awarded at the 2022 Lollapalooza festival in Argentina.

The artist herself indicated that, unfortunately, they could not reach Paraguay. Cyrus’s visit to Paraguayan soil was due to take place on the second day of the Asunciónico, the realization of which is still unknown.

On the video posted by Cyrus on their networks the scare that the occupants of the plane hit when they see a lightning is heard.

As if to bring peace of mind to her followers, Miley revealed that she was in good health and explained what had happened. “To my fans and everyone who worried after hearing about my flight to Asuncion. Our plane got caught in a big unexpected storm and was struck by lightning. My crew, band, friends and family traveling with me are safe after an emergency landing,” he wrote.

This is how a part of the plane’s wing was left