This is how Queen Elizabeth reminded Prince Philip during tribute

LONDON, ENGLAND.- Almost a year after death of prince philip and after the end of the restrictions due to the covid-19 pandemic, Queen Elizabeth II, her children, grandchildren and guests they honored the Duke of Edinburgh.

Since the death of the queen’s husband, his appearances have been rare and illnesses have prevented him from being present. It was recently infected with covid-19.

In these few public appearances, Isabel has made it clear that she is devastated by the death of her husband of more than 73 years. Even in the message Christmas He said he missed her mischievous look and her “familiar smile.”

On this occasion, the queen made it clear that she is healthy and that even dead she continues to honor her husband.

For the mass in her honor, the queen, as well as her daughter Ana and her daughter-in-law Camila, chose to wear military green, the cPhilip’s favorite scent.

In addition, the queen “decorated” her outfit with a yellow gold ruby ​​and diamond brooch given to her by her husband in 1966.

The queen also oversaw that the flower arrangements were in white, blue and red, as this signified her husband’s career as a sailor and others the couple chose for the their wedding day on November 20, 1947.

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At first it was feared that Queen Elizabeth would not attend due to the health problems she has faced in recent months.

In fact, the queen did not enter the westminster abbey through the main entrance and did it on one side and accompanied by her son Andrés, who reappeared in public after arriving at a millionaire agreement with the woman who accused him of sexual abuse.

Isabel entered on her own, supported by a cane that has helped her move more easily after the stiffness she claims she has in her legs.

In addition, it was learned that the thanksgiving mass, which was directly supervised by the queen herself, was shortened to 40 minutes to avoid over-tiring her.

His chair was also padded with an extra cushion for his comfort.

During the mass it was inevitable that tears would roll down the monarch’s face. The purpose of this tribute was to give thanks for the life and dedication of the Duke of Edinburgh to the family, the nation and the Commonwealth.

The ceremony was attended by about 1,800 people, among whom were other European monarchies, special incitements and members of the organizations Felipe served for so many years.

Last year it was not possible to do this service in honor of Felipe because of the coronavirus pandemic restrictions.