This is how Rutila has changed in the series

Inside the long list of characters from the successful superseries The Lord of the heavens that managed to gain a foothold in the hearts of viewers, without a doubt, is Rutila Casillas.

In the Telemundo production, Rutila is the tenacious eldest daughter of the capo Aurelio Casillas and his wife Ximena Letran. At the beginning of the plot, she was just a girl, but she has grown into a woman.

Along with her, the actress who has played her from the second to the eighth season of the series, currently broadcast in the United States, has also done so: the Mexican Carmen Aub.

The transformationnaand Carmen Aub in The Lord of the heavens

For this, below We show you how the evolution of the star has been within the veteran production of the Hispanic chainfrom its first appearance in fiction to the present day.

Season 2 (2014)

carmen aub she was a 25-year-old when she played the role of Rutila Casillas for the first time in the second season of The Lord of the heavensbroadcast on the small screen during the year 2014.

At that time, he had almost five years of experience and was recognized thanks to his performances in successful productions such as bad girls (2010) or Hope of the heart (2011-2012).

However, the talented and beautiful interpreter did not imagine that, thanks to her personification of this character in the successful plot written by louis zelkowiczwould reach worldwide fame.

In fact, when he was offered it, he was about to turn it down. “I wasn’t very sure (to accept) because the super series were just starting.”confessed to People in spanish.

“I was like, ‘How about a second season? I don’t know if that’s going to hit‘. Joshua Mintz (former Telemundo executive) told me “trust me” and I said ‘okay, let’s go ahead”, he recalled.

In another interview with the media, he recalled that Rutila It was a challenge from the beginning “because when they invite me to be in this series, they already had this small family set up that I had to join”.

“The pressure helped me to try to always give my best, to learn, to observe. I became like a girl, like a sponge and luckily everything turned out very well, ”she said.

aub has assured in several interviews that giving life to Rutila helped her grow from a girl to a woman, something she sometimes considers “It is a little difficult” for the actresses.

“I have already reached this point where I have to make (characters) more women and it is a little difficult for them to believe you. Since Rutila grew up with me, for me it was taking that leap along with the character”he pointed.

Carmen Aub as Rutila in the second season of 'The Lord of the Skies'

Season 3 (2015)

In the third season, Rutila changed from looks, Going from the light brown of the previous installment to the blonde. Since then, it has kept this color, although in different styles and shades.

In addition, the character also put aside the youthful hairstyles that he wore on several occasions in the second part and his clothes equally conveyed his passage to maturity.

In the same way, in this installment, what he described as the hardest scene that he has had in the series headed by rafael amaya: the rape that Rutila suffers at the hands of Marcado.

“A violation is already very strong to act, but also the actor (Sebastián Ferrat) and I did not know each other (…). But the truth is, I think it turned out very well, he is a very professional actor,” he told the outlet.

Carmen Aub as Rutila in the third season of 'The Lord of the Skies'

Season 4 (2016)

In the fourth installment, kept his style from the third season, although the experiences and challenges of the character were others. In another talk to the same outlet, he emphasized that his role is “very real.”

She is a girl who, at 15 years old, has this idea of ​​her father that it is the best and suddenly, little by little, he opens his eyes and realizes that his father is not so perfect… ”, he commented.

Rutila is a real character, even in love. (Live) things in love that is not necessarily love. Rutila goes from situation to situation that is something very common in daily life, ”she said.

In addition, he stressed that “He’s not your typical character in a novel. He is a real character who grows depending on the circumstances that happen to him”. Of course, there are things about her that he does not like.

“There are times, for example, when the ‘Lord of the Skies’ makes him Marked, the one who raped Rutila, so that he kills him, I wanted Rutila to kill him. I say: ‘why doesn’t Rutila kill him?’, he acknowledged.

“But it also has to do with what is written and with the psychology of the character. Rutila doesn’t want to get her hands dirty, she doesn’t want to have that dirty conscience…”, he explained.

Carmen Aub as Rutila in the fourth season of 'The Lord of the Skies'

Season 5 (2017)

In the fifth season, Rutila continued to wear her loose blond hair, for the most part, albeit in a brighter shade. Her feminine wardrobe but empowered by her also stayed at this stage.

I was already at this point more than consolidated as a crucial part of the successful superseries that has not only given him fame, but also great friends and learning from his peers.

In a talk with People in spanish in 2017, Carmen assured that lisa owen Y fernanda castillo They are the actresses from whom I had learned the most. And not just because she has always admired them so much.

Also because the interpreters of Mrs. Alba Casillas Y Monica Robles, respectively, they always had “a great tip to give me and because they have also become like family.”

“I have experienced many things throughout this series and I have my family away from me so they are the ones with whom when I arrive and I have something I vent and tell them. they give me advice“, said.

In addition to them, he also forged a good and very special friendship with the actresses. Sabrina Seara and Gala Montes, who gave life to Esperanza Salvatierra and Luz Marina Casillas, individually.

Carmen Aub as Rutila in the fifth season of 'The Lord of the Skies'

Season 6 (2018)

Again, in the sixth season, Rutila stuck to the image that is already part of his personal stamp: long blonde hair parted in the middle that suits the actress so well.

At this point, with five years incarnating the eldest of the Casillas-Letrán family, it became evident thathe passing years definitely favored Carmen Well, she looked prettier than ever.

It should be noted that, although he managed to maintain the looks Than her character in real life, she doesn’t have much in common with Rutila. In a conversation with the aforementioned magazine, she stated that perhaps they were alike in character.

My dad says I’m very temperamental. This race is very tough, although you have to give up a lot, you also have to draw the line. Not just in this career, in life, ”he said.

“People abuse you a lot when they see you (noble). (You have to) learn to bring out this character and say there is a limit. In that part, Rutila has helped me a lot, in my growthcounted.

Carmen Aub as Rutila in the sixth season of 'The Lord of the Skies'

Season 7 (2019-2020)

The seventh season of The Lord of the heavens It is perhaps one of the ones that has given the most talk, but not so much because of the plot but because of the abrupt departure of its protagonist, Rafael Amaya.

Despite this, Aub returned with everything and a new cut. Although Rutila kept her characteristic blonde, in this new adventure, she wore her hair in a wavy bob that reflected the evolution of his role.

After the end of this seventh season, in January 2020, the famous made a decision that took her fans by surprise: remove the breast implants she got by her profession in 2010.

In a network post, Carmen made the announcement about it and revealed that her main motivation for doing so was that she was presenting symptoms of the breast implant disease.

“10 years ago they will know that I got breast implantswhich I do not regret at all, I loved them, they gave me a lot of security and more because of the environment in which I move, “he said in a video.

“I went through this procedure, which at the time was what I had to do, but after 10 years of a lot of internal work that I have done, I have decided that I am going to take them off”, he shared.

Since then, She doesn’t look as voluptuous, but she feels more confident than ever. Of course, she does not ask the girls not to undergo cosmetic surgeries, but to do it for the right reasons, not like her.

Do it for the right reasons, not for society, social media, likesDo it for you, because you want to”, he pointed out in Today. “I’m past my ten years, I’ve worked on myself, and I’m ready to go natural.”

“I have to be consistent with what I promote, with who I am”, affirmed the star who became a true example of self-love with this very personal decision.

Carmen Aub as Rutila in the seventh season of 'The Lord of the Skies'

Season 8 (2023)

In this eighth and new installment, released on January 17, Aub returned looking spectacular as always with his new physique after surgery that makes her feel happy, safe and proud of her.

Likewise, to return to the skin of “Chemita’s” mother, she had to say goodbye to her long hair and go back to the bob cut that his character wore in the seventh season. Although now she wears it smoother.

Of course, returning to production after a three-year hiatus was a decision that had to be considered. “A part of me, I had already said ‘I have already closed the cycle, I am already doing other things”, he told the aforementioned magazine.

“But also another part like that The truth is that it is a family that I created with all my classmates. The Lord of the heavensso many years, that I love working with them”, he commented.

“The public I feel that they also deserve it, So let’s see what happens,” he said. In this season, a large part of the original cast also returned, including Rafael Amaya.

“I think that the encounter of the ‘Lord of the Skies’ with each of the characters is going to have magic. And it was also the reunion of all, that is, it was beautiful to meet again with Rafa and also with all my colleagues…”, he mentioned.

Now, Carmen Aub is 33 years old and a baggage of experiences accumulated in his journey of almost ten years in the skin of Rutila Casillas that have helped her evolve and become her best version.

Carmen Aub as Rutila in the eighth season of 'The Lord of the Skies'