This is how Sapphire looks 30 years after the novel

In addition to its endearing protagonists and Machiavellian villains, the successful telenovela Maria mercedes It was full of secondary characters that seasoned the plots.

Among these actants can be found the coquette Sapphireone of the close neighbors of the protagonist, Maria Mercedes Munozwho earns his living working in a cabaret.

At just 23 years old, the Mexican actress Rossana Saint John He debuted in Mexican melodramas playing this minor role in the Televisa teledrama released in 1992.

Since then, 30 years have passed in which the talented actress has changed.

Maria Mercedes Sapphire

Sapphire’s change three decades after Maria mercedes

Currently, the star is 52 years oldthe passage of time has made her feel wonderful because she looks prettier than ever and has been a few years away from the world of interpretation.

After its premiere in the telenovelas with Maria mercedesthe actress continued unstoppably building an illustrious artistic career both on television and in the cinema.

On the small screen, since the last time he played Sapphirethe also graduate in Communication was part of the cast of 24 television productions total; according to imdb.

I am your master (2010), My heart insists on Lola Volcán (2011), Lady Steel (2014) and Falling in love with Ramon (2017) are some of the projects in which he showed his talent.

Also, on the big screen, he shone giving life to all kinds of characters in about 22 moviessuch as desert crossing (2011) and The daughters of the drug dealer (2016).

However, after acting in the episode “On the San Blas dock” of the program this story resonates with me in the year 2019, the luminary decided to pause his professional career.

Since then, she also psychoanalyst She has focused her energies on her facet as a businesswoman, on continuing to study topics related to her professions and on enjoying her family.

And it is that the star is married to the businessman Sergio Salcedo. In addition, she is the proud mother of two children: Max and Sofia. For what is exposed in networks, San Juan he apparently lives in Miami.

About her future in acting, the actress stated in an interview last year with the journalist Vladimir Bravo: “I do not intend to leave the race. I love this constant scenic search.”

Likewise, he announced that he is preparing his return in different projects for television and theater. “I can’t take my finger off the line, interesting characters are coming“, he claimed.