This is how Shaira looked before undergoing some touch-ups

In 2011 and with only 8 years of age, Shaira Peláez won the love of thousands of viewers for her participation in the X-Factor. Despite the fact that she was still very young, the one born in Barbosa showed Colombian viewers that she had a great talent for music, as she won first place in the singing contest.

One of his most iconic presentations was that of Cucurrucucu doveAlthough it is a complex song to sing, she managed to pull it off. Besides, his physical appearance caused tenderness among the people who saw the show talent of RCN Channeland it is that by that time she was changing her teeth.

Currently, the Santanderean is 19 years old and continues with her musical career. In fact, she has already put out a couple of her own songs of her own, like: My Best Moment, Neither For Better Or For Bad, For The Last Time, among others, which add up to thousands of reproductions on streaming music platforms.

Likewise, the woman has made herself known on different social networks, where she has more than a million and a half followers. There she shares moments of both her professional life and her private life, each of her publications is usually filled with thousands of “likes” and hundreds of comments.

On the other hand, it’s been more than ten years since she won the singing contest, and, As expected, she has changed a lot physically, since she is now an adult. Just as she has captivated with her musical talent, she has also captivated a large number of people with her physical beauty.

Additionally, some Internet users have noticed that something has changed in the face of Santander, beyond the changes of puberty. And it is that a couple of years ago she underwent cosmetic surgery in which they modified her nose. Shaira confessed that she did it because she wanted to feel better about herself.

She explained that when she was little she was hyperactive and this led her to hit her nose several times. “I have surgery on my face, I did it because I was very restless and a basketball and the control of a television fell on me and I started to do a gigabyte and I did it,” she said in an interview with SuperLike of RCN Channel.

Shaira confessed what she did with the “juicy” prize she won in Factor Xs

Shaira became one of the great talents of the RCN Channel after being victorious The X Factor 2011, where he managed to succeed and stay with the first place. From a very young age she captivated with her voice and her talent, to the point that she was applauded by thousands of people in the country.

Recently, he used his official Instagram account to answer some questions related to his life and his past, clarifying ideas that people had regarding his triumph in Factor Xs. One of the onlookers asked why the artist did not show up to The dischargeto which she referred to new talent.

“I already won a reality show (by the way, it was the most voted in Colombia and with the most audience) And it’s time to give new talents the opportunity,” the artist wrote in a post on her profile.

Another person wanted to know what Shaira did with the award for that season of the television format, so she did not hesitate to mention how it all happened and what she received when she emerged victorious. The young woman pointed out that she was not given money at that time, but she was given several valuables and an option for her future.

“I spent it, I rattled it into little things. No, really in those contests, well before, when they were children’s shows, they didn’t give money. And it’s funny, because many people believed in 2011 that when I arrived in Barbosa I was ’embellished’, the police even came to say that I needed security, because I had a very large sum of money and that I don’t know what and nothing to see why they didn’t give me money in the Factorthey were material gifts, ”said the Santanderean in a clip.

Finally, the singer revealed the material prizes she received in this musical contest, emphasizing that the biggest one she took advantage of was the three-year contract with the channel, in addition to recording her album.

“It was a bicycle, a computer, a piano, a scholarship for vocal technique for a year, a video camera and in that year there were three big prizes for the artist. One was a trip abroad with the family, 85 million pesos, which I said no because in music they were not shit, and the third was a contract with the channel, which I chose with my family, “he said.

This contract was for three years and the recording of an album. I think we did well and I liked it”, he added.