This is how superstar Adele lives in her 58 million franc villa

Adele bought something new: a love villa worth 58 million francs with her boyfriend Rich Paul.

the essentials in brief

  • Superstar Adele has bought something new.
  • There is a new house for 58 million francs.

Who can can …

… and superstar Adele (34) can definitely live big. She does too!

The hit singer just bought an XL love nest with her current boyfriend Rich Paul (40). The mega villa cost the two whopping 58 million francs.

A snapper! Because Adele and Rich traded the original purchase price down again by a mere 27 million francs.

What did the lovebirds get for that price? Watch out…

Eight bedrooms, twelve bathrooms – spread over 21,000 square meters. Incidentally, this does not mean the size of the property.

No, but the sole living space of the house. The villa stands on a site covering three and a half hectares.

Also included: Of course, an impressive infinity pool, a spa area and a romantic fireplace.

By the way, next to the “main house” there is another building on the property. Two of the eight bedrooms are located in the two-storey guest house.

And where does Adele store her luxury cars? In the XL garage, of course, which can accommodate eight vehicles.

And so much luxury needs to be guarded. “The villa is double-guarded,” reveals luxury broker Jade Mills. “You’re guarded within the community, and then when you get to the house, you’re guarded too.”

Oh yes, in Adele’s love villa there is also an in-house art studio, a steam bath, a sauna and a large fitness studio.

By the way, Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone (75) rebuilt the villa in this way in the 90s. According to the “Daily Mail”, he bought the house for around 100 million francs.

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