This is how the activist justifies disruptive action in Lugner City

During Richard Lugner’s star guest presentation for the opera ball, there was a protest. A protester now explains the reasons for their disruption.

Lugner City. It is one of the highlights every year when it comes to the Vienna Opera Ball, Lugner’s star guest presentation. This year it should be Jane Fonda who accompanies the 90-year-old construction tycoon to the Opera Ball. But it was above all the demonstrators this year who attracted attention with their protest action during the announcement.

This is how the activist justifies disruptive action in Lugner City

But what are the goals of the protesters?

“It’s the ultimate cheek ever to celebrate yourself at such a super fancy ball and smell your ass while most people simply can’t afford their livelihood anymore,” scolds a demonstrator in front of the Lugner City to oe24.

“It is unacceptable that in these times some can no longer afford to heat while others flaunt their wealth and splendor. He mainly refers to €300 tickets or the €15 Sacherwurst.”

In summary, the protesters want to highlight the problems in our society: They believe that the current economic system rewards those who destroy the earth while those who have nothing lose more.

But not enough of that.


The demonstrators were quickly intercepted

With an “Opera Ball Demo” flyer, the demonstrators are already announcing another protest action for the Vienna Opera Ball on February 16th. Opera ball demos have existed before, but have not taken place in recent years. That should change now. How exactly the demo group will proceed remains open.