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It was in 1995 when the Mexican telenovela premiered Maria, the one from the neighborhood, a production by Angelli Nesma Medina for Televisa that Thalia and Fernando Colunga they starred.

It didn’t take long after its release for the melodrama, a reversal of Rich people cry toocaptured the taste of the public throughout the world and became a a soap opera classic.

The story followed Maria Hernandeza humble, beautiful and happy picker since she is welcomed in the mansion of the de la vega family to work as a domestic worker.

Inside the home, María falls in love with the young Luis Fernandoone of the children of the De la Vega marriage, and must fight for his love before the perverse and unbalanced Soraya Montenegro.

Now, 27 years after its premiere, the successful teledrama will return to the Mexican small screen with its broadcast on the Las Estrellas channel starting this November 28.

The before and after of the actors Maria, the one from the neighborhood

For this reason, within the framework of its expected repetition, we show you the before and now of 15 of the actors of Maria, the one from the neighborhood, the third and last production of the “Las Marías” trilogy:

Thalia – Maria Hernandez

The Mexican actress and singer completely conquered audiences with her interpretation of the unforgettable Maria Hernandez in this melodrama that consolidated her as an integral artist.

Now, the star is 51 years oldlooks better than ever and continues in force in the world of music, but has not acted since the beginning of the millennium, when he starred in Rosalind.

Thalía was María Hernández in 'María, la del barrio'

Fernando Colunga – Luis Fernando de la Vega Montenegro

The famous Mexican heartthrob made his debut as the protagonist of telenovelas playing Luis Fernando de la Vega Montenegro, a role that catapulted him to fame and launched his career.

Now 56 years old, she looks sensational and has just made her acting comeback after years of absence headlining the Netflix series The secret of the Greco family.

Fernando Colunga was Luis Fernando de la Vega Montenegro in 'María, la del barrio'

Itatí Cantoral – Soraya Montenegro

The Mexican star was immortalized in the memories of viewers around the world with his masterful impersonation of Soraya Montenegro, one of the most iconic villains in novels.

Today, Cantoral is 47 years old, the passage of time has been wonderful for him and he continues to make a name for himself in the world of acting. His last role was played in the Netflix series where there was fire

Itatí Cantoral was Soraya Montenegro in 'María, la del barrio'

Hector Soberon – Vladimir de la Vega Montenegro

The famous actor gave life to Vladimir de la Vega, andThe brother of Luis Fernando who was also in love with the protagonist in the telenovela Maria, the one from the neighborhood.

Currently, the actor is 58 years old, he looks great wearing the changes in his image with pride that have arrived over the years and are still present in the artistic medium.

Héctor Soberón was Vladimir de la Vega Montenegro in 'María, la del barrio'

Rebeca Manríquez – Carlota

The actress, presenter and director won over the public as Charlottea domestic employee with an air of grandeur who is characterized by being gossipspy on their employers and help Soraya.

To the present, Manriquez is 63 years old, She looks beautiful embracing the changes in her appearance that come with time and continues to develop her career as an actress on screen and in dubbing.

Rebeca Manríquez was Carlota in 'María, la del barrio'

Alejandra Procuna – Brenda Ramos

the comedian Alejandra Procuna stood out giving life to Brenda Ramosa liberal and ambitious young woman who breaks the heart of Luis Fernando leaving him for an older man.

Currently, she is 53 years old, time has no effect on her as she has barely changed during the last decades and still immersed in the world of interpretation.

Alejandra Procuna was Brenda Ramos in 'María, la del barrio'

Ana Patricia Rojo – Penelope Linares

The soap opera villain was recorded in everyone’s mind in the skin of Penelope Linares, the nanny of the adoptive daughter of the protagonists, who falls in love with Luis Fernando and they start an affair.

Currently, Rojo is 48 years old, time does not pass by because she looks better than ever and is active in the world of acting. The Serie loves that deceive (2022) is his latest production.

Ana Patricia Rojo was Penélope Linares in 'María, la del barrio'

Roberto Blandon – Jose Maria Cano

The famous actor left his mark on fiction playing the rascal Jose Maria Cano, better known in the plot as “Papacito”, the ambitious husband of the evil Penélope Linares.

Now, Blandón is 61 years old and is still present in the Mexican entertainment industry, where he is a consecrated star. The Heritage (2022) is the last novel in which he acted.

Roberto Blandón was José María Cano in 'María, la del barrio'

Ludwika Paleta – Maria de los Angeles “Tita” de la Vega

The actress of Polish origin made the leap to youthful roles, putting herself in the shoes of Maria de los Angeles de la Vegathe adoptive daughter of the protagonists, Luis Fernando and María De la Vega.

Day by day, Palette is a few days away from turning 44 years old, she looks more beautiful than ever and continues to shine in the middle. The Serie Mother there are only two is his most recent acting project.

Ludwika Paleta was María de los Ángeles “Tita” de la Vega in 'María, la del barrio'

Osvaldo Benavides as Fernando “Nandito” de la Vega

The actor Osvaldo Benavides marked the audience by bringing to life Fernando “Nandito” de la Vega, the lost biological son of Luis Fernando and María De la Vega

Since then, the interpreter has not stopped. Now he is turned into a handsome and successful 43-year-old actor. In fact, I was recently shooting the movie Wedding night with Palette.

Osvaldo Benavides was Fernando

Sebastian Ligarde – Gonzalo Dorantes

The artist left his wake in the novel embodying the impulsive graduate Gonzalo Dorantes, one of the many lovers of the protagonist and accomplice of the villain Soraya Montenegro.

Currently, Ligarde is 68 years old and has a barely changed image but he has not appeared in any projects for the screens as an actor since 2015.

Sebastián Ligarde was Gonzalo Dorantes in 'María, la del barrio'

Yuliana Peniche – Alicia Montalban

At just 14 years old, the star went on forever giving life to the sweet Alicia Montalbanthe stepdaughter of the evil Soraya, who calls her “damn cripple” in one of the most iconic scenes of the novel.

To the present, The Mexican actress and presenter has become a talented and beautiful 41-year-old woman and has not acted in any production since 2020, but is still present in the medium.

Yuliana Peniche was Alicia Montalbán in 'María, la del barrio'

Ariel López Padilla – Dr. Daniel Ordóñez

The interpreter conquered everyone as the doctor Daniel Ordonez, a doctor who rescued the protagonist from the streets, welcomed her into his home and employed her as a babysitter when she lost her memory.

Today, the artist is 60 years old, proudly wears the changes in his appearance and remains linked to the artistic medium. The remake of Rich people cry too (2022) is his latest soap opera.

Ariel López Padilla was Daniel Ordóñez in 'María, la del barrio'

Natasha Dupeyrón – Perlita Ordóñez

At just 4 years old, the children’s luminary impressed with the artistic skills displayed on the skin of Perlita Ordoñezthe doctor’s little daughter Daniel Ordonez.

Today, Dupeyrón has become a beautiful and established 31-year-old actress with a successful artistic career. The Serie Miss 89 (2002) is his most recent project.

Natasha Dupeyrón was Perlita Ordóñez in 'María, la del barrio'

Frances Ondiviela – Cecilia

The Spanish star marked the public with his personification of Ceciliaa lover of the doctor Daniel Ordonez who hates Maria for he sees in her a rival for the doctor’s love and riches.

Today, Ondiviela is 59 years old, looks spectacular and is still valid in the artistic medium. designing your love is the most recent telenovela that has antagonized.

Frances Ondiviela was Cecilia in 'María, la del barrio'

Maria, the one from the neighborhood It will be broadcast starting this November 28 from Monday to Friday, at 2:30 in the afternoon, by Las Estrellas.