this is how the characters were when they were little

    Ringing in your head: ‘She doesn’t study at Las Encinas but daddy she is the ELITE’. Yes, ‘Elite’ is one of the most successful teen series on Netflix and that even appears in some of the reggaeton songs that are most listened to. In fact, it always creates a bittersweet feeling for us by introducing us to incredible characters that we miss so much after their departure.

    In April this year they launched its fifth season (as you surely know) and as always, it has given a lot to talk about. We always try to know everything about the characters in the series and the more information we have, the better! In fact, we even love to gossip about what they were like when they were little. This time we have found an exclusive publication with the actors of this fifth season of childrenand you will love it!

    Although we have been left with a lot of intrigue for a end so disconcerting and we need to understand many things, this season has been a success and has brought us new love triangles and romances that we don’t know to which port they will arrive. While we wait for the sixth seasonwe enjoy content of this type that makes us smile…

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    Yes, we have seen this montage in a fan account of the series and we could not help but share it. They were even cuter than now And practically nothing has changed! With their innocent facesWho would have thought that right now they were going to cause a sensation with a series as groundbreaking as ‘Elite’.

    The best? We can gossip even the new faces: Valentina Zenere (our cover girl) and Andre Lamoglia. The good face of Martina? Pure love… And it seems that Claudia Salas He already had the badass face that we like so much from ‘La Rebe’.

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