This is how the Opera Ball comeback will be

AUSTRIA knows who is dancing at the Opera Ball this year and who will be missing.

Tradition. On February 16th, after a two-year pandemic break, the time has finally come again: The 65th Opera Ball will take place – and the local community in particular is happy about that. Especially the celebrity ladies, because they can wrap themselves in noble fabrics. TV presenter Leona König is already exclusively showing her dress for the ball of balls in AUSTRIA. “It’s from Rami Kadi from Beireut.” While she’s already found her dream dress, others are still looking for the perfect cut.

Knoll will moderate instead of Alfons Haider

Exchange. The Opera Ball press conference will take place on Monday (9 January). The ball mother à la Lotte Tobisch or Maria Großbauer is history. Instead, the new committee will face the press mob for the first time. Nadja Swarovski is part of it.

Rumor. It is a shock for all fans who follow the ball of balls on ORF. But Alfons Haider will definitely not moderate this year. He himself did not want to comment on this, but the information has been verified by insider circles. Rumor has it that Andi Knoll could replace the experienced entertainer. After all, he has song contest experience and will also lead through the evenings at Dancing Stars.

VIPs. In any case, VIPs like Silvia Schneider, Barbara Meier and the Swarovski clan are always there.

Nadja Swarovski in an interview about the ball:

Swarovski: “Bogdan and I didn’t know each other”

AUSTRIA: How did you come to be part of the Opera Ball Committee?

Nadia Swarovski: Bogdan Roscic and I spoke on the phone a long time ago when he told me about the idea and his vision for the ball and the opera itself. We immediately got on well with each other.

AUSTRIA: You didn’t even know each other?

Swarovski: No, but I really appreciate his attitude and I think he has a lot to contribute, after all he studied in Austria, lived abroad for a long time and now brings back everything he learned abroad.

AUSTRIA: Are the areas for which the four of you are each clearly defined?

Swarovski: Yes, but these in turn flow into each other – for example with Maryam, who wants to interact magnificently with the various artists – or with Birgit, who has a fascinating company with her husband that works with local farms.