This is how they found the house of the murdered stylist

The wealth of mauritius leal had increased significantly in recent years. The stylist of the stars, recognized for being the official image designer of many beauty queens in Colombia and for being the founder of an aesthetic that was attended by actresses as well as influencers and hosts, was murdered by his own brother, John Leal.

The story of this crime, however, turned out to be quite crooked because Johnier, To keep Mauricio’s properties and bank accounts, he invented a suicide scene: the stylist had allegedly committed suicide after stabbing his mother to death; everything inside your house.

yesterday finally johnier He confessed that he is the murderer of both Mauricio and his mother. But in the air there was a pending for the Colombian Attorney General’s Office because the investigation of the crime led them to discover that Mauricio had accumulated properties, some of which he bought in cash and in a single payment. It happened like this with a house of 4 million pesos.

The police also noticed strange movements in his bank accounts, in which there were days when he entered 1 million pesos, which were immediately triangulated to another account abroad.

The suspicion is that through her successful hairstyling business, mauritius leal He lent his name to launder money. The Prosecutor’s Office even has its sights directed towards a particular criminal group: the La Gran Alianza cartel.

This entire investigation was triggered when the police entered the house where johnier murdered Mauricio and his mother, Marlene.

The luxury of the residence, located in La Calera, is evident from the entrance to the exclusive residential area that has private security.

The mansion is on two floors. In the lower part, which is where the bodies were found, was Mauricio’s room, the kitchen and the living room.

Upstairs was Johnier’s room.

As for his banking wealth, the police estimate that it reaches 30 million pesos