This is how they took revenge on Andrea Valdiri

Andrea Valdiri became one of the most talked about content creators on digital platforms, due to her funny videos, the controversies she starred in with other celebrities, and the disputes she led with content creators such as Yina Calderón and Epa Colombia. The dancer embodied the personality of her that she has of her, showing that she had no problem with facing controversies and what was said about her.

Andrea and Epa are no longer friends, this was made clear by the Barranquillera.  Photos: Instagram @andreavaldiri @epa_colombia.
Andrea and Epa are no longer friends, this was made clear by the Barranquillera. Photos: Instagram @andreavaldiri @epa_colombia. – Photo: Photos: Instagram @andreavaldiri @epa_colombia.

For her part, the woman from Barranquilla usually publishes content in the company of her employees, showing how close and supportive she is for them, although sometimes there is no shortage of jokes, sometimes somewhat heavy, and the scares that the ‘influencer’ usually does to her payroll in order to make them laugh.

Andrea Valdiri gave Kelly, her daughters' nanny, a day full of surprises.  / Editing: Week / Captures Instagram: @andreavaldirisos
Andrea Valdiri gave Kelly, her daughters’ nanny, a day full of surprises. / Editing: Week / Captures Instagram: @andreavaldirisos – Photo: Editing: Week / Captures Instagram: @andreavaldirisos

Well, recently, the content creator shared a video on her Instagram account where she was a “victim of her own invention”; They decided to take “revenge”, in the good sense of the word, and scare Valdiri in a part of the house.

“Ayyy juemadre, when they give you your own medicine”wrote the also dancer, while she revealed the great scare she received while her collaborators laughed out loud.

The curious business between Andrea Valdiri’s daughter, Isabella, and her employee

Businesses are businesses and it does not matter what nature it is or the age of those involved, when someone agrees to pay for a service they must do so, especially when it is provided efficiently and completely. as did Isabella, the daughter of Andrea Valdiri, who agreed with her employee a specific deal one day of a family reunion and that unleashed a collection of several days by the minor from Barranquilla.

Andrea Valdiri and her eldest daughter, Isabella
Andrea Valdiri and her eldest daughter, Isabella – Photo: Instagram @andreavaldirisos

The fact was shown by Andrea herself in her Instagram stories, in which she made the same girl tell what she agreed with her employee and why the commotion with the money to settle the accounts after doing the work that had to be done, which for many is daily, but for the young woman it was a job that she did and for which he must be remunerated as it was discussed.

“The story of what the business is,” says the dancer behind the scenes, showing her eldest daughter and her employee. Then Isabela tells the whole story and makes it clear that she did comply. “I washed the dishes once we were eating with everyone, I washed all the dishes… I washed two pots for 10,000 pesos”declared the young woman, to then give way to the employee, who assured that she was left owing $ 5,000 and charged them to exhaustion.

“About a fortnight ago I told her to wait for the fortnight because aha,” says Valdiri’s employee when the dancer asked her how long Isabella had been after her charging her the money for her washing dishes. “Here there is business in this house for everyone, yes gentlemen,” says Valdiri while showing her daughter counting a huge wad of bills of all denominations, money earned washing dishes and “taking tickets away from the poor things there,” as the woman said. barranquillera laughing in her videos.

“You see Claudia, that’s what you get for doing business with Isabella, there you have it, she’s charging you up to the bone”Andrea tells her employee, almost unable to speak with laughter, surprised by the situation and by how smart her daughter is, since she has not yet turned 15 and is already a “bee” in business, earning her money with the sweat of his brow in his own home.