this is Jada Pinkett’s relationship with her eldest son Trey

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett do not have the best marital relationship currently, then of the blow that the actor gave Chris Rock at the Oscars for defending her.

After this event, they began to many secrets about the couple come to light, revealing that their relationship had been fractured for years, despite what they showed on networks.

Many have judged Jada Pinkett, cataloging her as a “manipulative and cold” woman, for how she treated Will Smith.

This has caused many to wonder, how is his relationship with Trey Smith, the eldest son of Will Smith, whom he had with the businesswoman Sheere Zampino.

The actor parted ways with Sheree when Trey was very young and the divorce process was very painful for him, in fact, his relationship with the actor was not the best.

Jada Pinkett’s relationship with Will Smith’s eldest son

When Will divorced Sheere, Trey was 5 years old, and The relationship with Jada with the little one was not the best, because the actress wanted to give her opinion on her upbringing, which did not make the actor’s ex very happy.

Also, as we said, the small Trey didn’t get along with Will, feeling like he had abandoned him, so he and Jada got off on the wrong foot.

“The beginning between us was rough, and here is one thing I will say in hindsight. Because she didn’t understand marriage, she didn’t understand divorce. I will say I probably should have backed off.” confessed Jade Pinkett to Zampino in your program Red Table Talk.

However, over the years the relationship has improved, and now Jada gets along wonderfully with Trey, coming to consider him as one of her children.

The young man who works as an actor constantly shares with Will, Jada, and their brothers Jaden and Willow, and even Sheere are like family and they have a great relationship.

On different occasions, Jada has dedicated words of love to Trey, such as on one of his birthdays where he assured that he saw him as a son.

“Happy birthday Trey!!! I’m so glad you were born. You have been a tremendous gift to many of us. Thank you for being an extra wonderful son and an even more wonderful friend. Thanks for loving me. I adore you”, were Jada’s words to Trey, revealing how well they get along.