This is Prince William and Kate’s new parenting tactic

A round of optimization? But gladly, Prince William and Duchess Kate may have thought when it came to raising children.


the essentials in brief

  • Prince William and Duchess Kate have been married since 2011.
  • They have three children.

If anyone knows how children are raised, it is Prince William and Duchess Kate (both 40).

The royals have their hands full at home. In addition to Prince George (9), there is also Princess Charlotte (7) and little Prince Louis (4).

But Prince William and Princess Kate seem to have gone over the parenting books again in recent weeks. According to body language expert Judi James, the royals are now so-called “hands off” parents.

This was good to see at the last appearance of the family. At the Christmas service, the expert found the following. “William and Kate presented their children with the usual displays of pride. And you could see them becoming unconcerned parents now that their children are gaining confidence.”

Raising children is…

“Charlotte led the way as they went to church and George has gone from being a rather shy boy to an older brother who keeps an eye on Louis and shows him signs of care and guidance.”

Oh, they grow up so quickly, the little ones…

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