This is the 2022 concert agenda in Bolivia: Rock, rancheras, urban, salsa and cumbia on the list

The entertainment sector has been one of the most affected by the pandemic and the crisis, which deepened due to the restrictions and difficulties of working. After difficult times the city begins to reactivate economically and we can see that in the packed agenda of international concerts scheduled for the remainder of the year. These are some of the most prominent:

This Friday, March 18, at the Arena Show Time, the Chilean ensemble Noche de Brujas will perform, which arrives directly from Viña del Mar with the aim of serenading the parents, who are partying this Saturday. The ensemble will share the stage with the national orchestras Guachambé, Combo Salsa, Hermanos Céspedes, La Sonora Bolivia and the Teenagers Show. The event will have two sectors: general and lounge. Admission will generally be free and to obtain the lounge you must make a reservation.

Christian Nodal

For the first time in Bolivia, the Mexican Christian Nodal arrives. After his breakup with singer Belinda, the interpreter of Goodbye love announced a series of concerts on a tour which will pass through different cities in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile and Bolivia. The concert in the country will be held on June 17 and the place where the most listened to rancheras of the moment will sing will be the Real Santa Cruz stadium. Nodal will also perform on June 18 in Cochabamba.


The rock band Molotov will return to Bolivia. FM Rock Producciones confirmed that they will visit La Paz on April 21, after the initial date was postponed. The place of the concert will be at the Cota Cota field in the South zone.

Tickets for the show cost Bs 110 (general), Bs 220 (vip) and Bs 330 (super vip). The modality of the concert it will be like a rock festivalaccompanied by national bands.

The urban genre will also be present along with Sebastian Yatra. The Colombian arrives in Bolivia in August; on the 16th she will be in La Paz, where she will perform at the Teatro al Aire Libre in La Paz and on the 17th in Santa Cruz. The place chosen in the Santa Cruz capital is Arena Sonilum.

Another who will arrive from Colombia is Jessi Uribe, the number 1 artist in his country today, who will sing in Santa Cruz on March 31 in an exclusive show at the Fexpo Arena.

In this recital there will be five areas: Lounge, Super VIP, VIP, Field and Grandstand.

One of the most talked about returns these days is that of Servando and Florentino, who will perform this May 12 at the Arena Show Time. The Venezuelan brothers, interpreters of I found you and A fan in love, return to the stage as part of their En tu ciudad World Tour.